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    It took Cookie some time to get used to the cat Bear after a quick ear cleaning Bear & Cookie cooling off from that Cali sun Cookie in trouble for running up the stairs I love my dogs to death. I've had Cookie (2yrs) since she left her litter & I saved Bear from taking a trip to the...
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    I thought It would be fun to share recipes for our dogs favourite treats , If you have a good one and want to share with us please do :) heres a banana cookie bar 3cups rolled oats { not the quick cooking} 1 1/4 cups all purpose flour { I like the whole wheat though} 2 eggs 1/4 cup vegi oil 1/2...
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    Here's your cookie! :D Alright, so i finally got this done. Sorry Balt, i kept you waiting for so long. (Balthazar: Yeah, yeah you did....) Sorry if you wanted to see him in brighter colors, it would have threw off his original character color. Anyway, so this was pretty fun. Did it while...
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    my puppy is about 14 weeks now and he is a major fan of sleeping
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    Well we went to the doggie bakery today and got some cookies they made today. Thor went nuts. This was his first time ever having anything like this. It's old news to Zoe and Charlie...LMAO Here are the cookies... Here is a picture of him wearing the new padding collar I got for Zoe but I...
1-6 of 8 Results