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  1. General Discussion
    First, I am not new to dogs, I have had Dobermans, Boxers, several smaller breeds, etc over my 50 something years. I normally always have females, but I am new to Pitties. My little female pit bull is 8 months old and she is my first. I got her at 9 weeks old. I have a couple of things that I...
  2. Authorized Breeders
    So, I am putting together 2 breedings in the next few months, and I wanted to let the fam know what was going down.. They are both littermate breedings.. Mom Dad Here's the ped ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [522061] :: CAIN X KALI And then there's Mom Dad Here's that ped ONLINE...
  3. General Discussion
    So my girl wants to eat little dogs (no surprise there) but she knows she is not to react with pulling or barking. So instead she keeps her sit position and shivers all of the muscles on her body while chattering her teeth. Has anyone else experienced this with their dogs? My boy has recently...
  4. Pictures
    Blackboy is looking on point
  5. Pictures
    Been a while since I shared some pictures and let everyone know how we are doing! :) I have been doing well with schoolwork, I got a raise at work, and my boyfriend was promoted to manager at his job! We also got 2 new roommates! :hammer: Xena had another outbreak, nothing too major but until...
  6. Pictures
    It was so much fun! And I know a lot of you already saw on Facebook that Pyra got Best of Opposite! :) it was so exciting! I got to meet some folks here from the forum and that was the best part! Here are just a couple pics--
  7. Health & Nutrition
    Took my 9 week old blue nose to the vet today for her shots and general check up. She is a big girl at 17lbs. The vet was concerned that her vulva looked small and it may be best to wait till after her first heat to spay her as she may need the estergeon. He said we would watch it over the next...
  8. Pictures
    Envy Hennessy Belvedere Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  9. Raw Foods
    I'm thinking about feeding raw but only once or twice a week. Is there any point or should I not worry about it unless I completely switch to feeding raw? My next question is, if I go hunting and kill an animal like a squirrel, rabbit, or deer or something if I clean it can I feed it to my dog...
1-9 of 147 Results