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  1. Pictures
    Check out the mustache. Lol! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  2. General Discussion
    This is my first time posting a video and using VideoBam so I hope it embeds properly and displays correctly! All the video's are fairly short (under 1min). Edit: Updated vids to Photobucket.....VideoBam blows. First video is her at 3ish months. The rest are at 12 months and then 13 months...
  3. Pictures
    Can't let my wife have all the fun lol figured now that my phone lets me on the sight easier I could share some stuff See he's not that fat lol he's my boy he's got a real strong bond to me I love it He is such a sweet heart very attached to his mommy Every now and then they both sit still...
  4. Pictures
    Turbo playing with the rope, but the funny part is my blue dog having a fit in the back ground! LOL https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=651961578197147&set=vb.100001499320701&type=3 This is the result of me practicing with Turbo on some commands, he is very smart and this barley took any...
  5. General Discussion
    Dog Thief Unwittingly Gives Couple Their Own Stolen Dog - PawNation Has anyone else read this? Read some of the comments below the story. People make me sick. UGHH. :mad:
  6. Pictures
    I can't believe how fast time flies. Seems like it was only yesterday I was holding this little pup in one hand, now he's almost 5 years old. Sigh I wish they stayed little for longer. I'm starting to see hints of gray on his muzzle and chin. Thanks for looking
  7. Pictures
    Just a few new shots of Garp. We're roadtripping to our first Dock Dogs trial this weekend Friday-Sunday. He's been getting some really good distance in practice, so I'm pretty pumped to see how he stacks up against the competition. Our new practice dock, only about a mile walk from my...
  8. Pictures
    Here's a few better picture I took of King.. 4.5 months and growing like a weed! Found him on a shirt :-)
  9. Pictures
    Couple shots of Kaius today on the porch enjoying the cooler weather. He is 5 and 1/2 months old. Tipping the scales at 50lbs.
  10. Pictures
    Cash loves his mommy He loved the bath LOL Buffalicous Envy Skyy Her leg looks weird lol We had a fun day outside. Please excuse me it was like 90 in the shade and I was soaked from bathing dogs lol. Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  11. Bullies 101
    Here's my boy soldier he just turned 7 months old he had so much fun today he loves fetch with his rope :) I hope this works lol Long day of fetch lol Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  12. pitbull behavior
    Sasha's a little over 3 now and pretty well behaved/obedient. She's never been the friendliest with other dogs even as a pup when I tried to socialize and took her to her training classes. Yesterday during a walk I was pretty upset with how she reacted to some kids. She's very lovely with...
  13. General Discussion
    First question is, my dog has been eating the mulch in my yard when I let her out, today I checked her stool and it had the mulch in it. Should I be worried? I am going to try and correct her to make sure she does not eat the mulch anymore. Also my other question is, I have been looking at the...
  14. Pictures
    Posted in the old thread but should of made a new one seein as how he's a month older And about 50lbs... Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  15. Pictures
    I have't posted in a long time so wanted topost a couple pics of my little girl Indy, she's 8 mnts old now. Love the first pic shelooks posessed. Sorry about poor quality they are cellphone pics.
  16. Health & Nutrition
    1. I was wondering if anyone feeds there dog Authority brand food? I get it at petsmart.. here is the link http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3792729&lmdn=Life+Stage&f=PAD%2FpsNotAvailInUS%2FNo They both seem to be doing great on it, I just don't know anyone else that feeds...
  17. General Discussion
    Hey guys, I adopted a "pit mix" a few months back and she has been great, even with my other dog. Since I "did my homework" and educated myself on the breed before I got her, I know that DA is a serious, real, and prominent part of the APBT, and I take every precaution against it. Now, a...
  18. Pictures
    She sure is getting big, even though she seems small compared to most other Pitties. I took her in and she weighed at 52Lbs at 10 months but she just seems so small after seeing most of the pits posted here. Here she was at 5 weeks, and the others were taken tonight. Is my girl the runt...
21-38 of 147 Results