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  1. Pictures
    Look what chloe has learned to do lol
  2. General Discussion
    She looks adorable, would it be too much to have two? Not a good idea to have two females? What do yall think? Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  3. pitbull behavior
    Good afternoon! We just rescued a 3-4 year old Pittie... He is our first dog. He is a doll, affectionate and loving. Licks a lot, we can deal with that. One issue we have is that he goes nuts and just starts running around like a mad dog. On the furniture, over the coffee table, etc. Is...
  4. General Discussion
    Hi All, Just wanted to say thank you for this site and allowing me to search the forums for some of the answers to questions I had about our newest addition. Got Blanca two weeks ago and she is a sweetheart. Have had a few issues but are settling down quickly... 1. She dug under the fence...
  5. Pictures
    My little devil getting crazy. You should clikc on the image to show up the video.
  6. Pictures
    Yep. I bought my dog a trampoline. An awesome tool for balance exercise and engaging the whole body. Also it's fun as hell and we both get a workout together. (Yes, we are being careful and taking all safety precautions and there is a spring cover on the way)
  7. Pictures
    Because she's nothing if not eccentric... haha. Feel free to share your crazy face pictures.
  8. General Discussion
    Okay guys, I know this topic is probably played out, but my pups ears have started to become all crazy. I have read and read this forum to see if I can find anything similar, but to no avail.lol My pup is now about 2 1/2 mnths old and his ears have gone from perfect rose to floppy and now are at...
  9. Pictures
    So I know my boy Magnus has alot of fans...Well it took him a year to learn what a toy is...well he has decided to take it way up levels above what i thought was ever possible with him..about a week ago he wouldnt even look at the flirtpole...he only played fetch with his Kong Ball....but now he...
  10. General Discussion
    This is so neat!!! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  11. Pictures
    Lyza and I are bored, so I decided to take some pics of her as she attacked my pants....lol Started out with her sitting by my desk..watching me... Then she rolled her eyes at me...cuz I was boring her.. Next she starts going after my pants!! Note the crazy look in her eyes...
  12. pitbull behavior
    My female, 1 yrs, is an excellent dog and listens very well.... outside of the car. For some reason, she gets super pumped and just will not listen or calm down for anything. She does her high pitched whines, runs from end to end of the backseat, jumps on the dash.. Her lips shake she is so...
  13. General Discussion
    As I posted earlier this week, my boyfriends neutarded male Pit who recently turned 3 & who has NEVER shown signs of aggression or anything bit both myself & another female family member this past week .. to clariffy "bit" .. he snipped hard .. causing two small punctures .. however w both of us...
  14. Pictures
    they entertain themselves with the dog, of course.
1-14 of 93 Results