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  1. Pictures
    So I originally joined this forum to ask a medical question about my pup and to show off a couple of pictures, but you all seem to have a community of long-term users, so I figured I'll be sticking around! I was going to change my username but it seems you can't once you've joined so I just...
  2. Pictures
    Got this little man a couple weeks ago, although I couldn't stop from constantly visiting him after he was 2 weeks old haha He's now a little over 10 weeks!
  3. Pictures
    For those who don't yet know, Spock went back to NM with Lisa for a couple months. So in exchange I got Barca! He's gonna chill with me for a bit :D Barca not wanting to get out of bed. Barca curled up in the dog chair. I had to move it next to me cause he likes to stay close. Spock in the...
  4. Pictures
    I post a lot of stacked shots and stuff, but not to many of what they are normally up to lol They use to have a huge chair and do not understand laying on the floor lmao. This is a new concept to them and while Xena tried out an office chair for a bit she finally settled for the floor. Their...
  5. Pictures
    I thought I had shared these.... But here they are some nice pics of Justice and a couple of the others ;) Justice I gives you dirty looks from behind Muh Momma Snoop Thought you might like these Stan Xena Crixus Faith
  6. Pictures
    I haven't had anyone to video the dogs doing some training so today I got some! Lol.. So here is most of my crew doing a bit of wagon pulling. I use the wagon because it is squeaky and noisy, it is not much weight just more for the idea of having something behind them. Crixus and Xena both...
  7. Pictures
    Today everyone needed Baths so we got pictures while I was at it. Xena Shes not as flat as she looks from the side. I promise ;) Crixus Shes standing like a GSD and couldn't possibly get her tail further between her legs, but her color looks great here lmao. Bee ( As you can see she...
  8. Pictures
    I can't believe they're turning 1 year old today. Post up those photos! Earl one week shy of 1 year and weighing in at 48lbs.
  9. Pictures
    We had a large family gathering at the park. We took the girls with us so Crixus could meet some more of the family. Crixus and Noodle BFF'S Xena and Crixus She didn't want to be down anymore She fell asleep in mommies arms :D The Bears!
  10. Pictures
    About to leave in an hour to go pick up Lisa and Crixus from the Sacramento Airport! Crixus with Lisa at petsmart the other day with Lisa. Crixus waiting with Lisa to board this morning :D
  11. Pictures
    I found this and thought I would share the birth of Siren's last litter. I know I posted this before but it has been 10 months and thought it would be fun. I had to dig this out for a friend of mine who is expecting her first litter so she can watch it. Earl is the one that I am cutting the cord...
  12. Pictures
    Puppy hang time! Man that little puppy is just like her momma! She is full of drive and full of herself, after I let her build her confidence we will fix all the growling at me but it's ok for now. I want all of that attitude :woof: doing some puppy obed
1-12 of 14 Results