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  1. Ear crops
    Hi guys! This is my first post, I'm new to this forum - My name is Nicole, nice to meet you! I got my first American Bully baby back in early Sept, his name is Kado. He is almost 15 weeks old. This is my first bully, I have a 4 year old Doberman as well and his ear posting journey did not go so...
  2. General Discussion
    hello ! My puppy had his suture removal on Sunday and they wrapped them back up . Im not sure if they removed the stiches to early i contacted the vet with pictures and he said that its just granulation tissue and it will heal on its . Any one have experience with pink tissue after sutures removed ?
  3. Bullies 101
    I recently got my 3 month old girls ears cropped about to be a month and they were healing nicely but I have a 5 month old boy who plays just a little to rough with her and nipped at her ears and her scratching didn’t help and now both her ears are swollen I need some tips on reducing the...
  4. Pictures
    Hello , i got my pups ears cropped yesterday and they didnt turn out like i wanted... they are too pointy. Is it better to make adjustments now or wait? I feel bad for making him go through it again... i have no clue how they will look when he grows up. This is my first dog. Any advice would be...
  5. General Discussion
    I just had my pups ears done, she is 12 weeks. By a reputable vet in my area who is the only one that would do a crop. Just trying to get some opinions to make sure I am not seeing something that is not there. And before I drive her almost 2 hours away to a vet that is well known in the state...
  6. General Discussion
    Can anybody help me? I am looking for a Veterinarian that will review my Vet records from the Ear Crop Vet, Emergency Clinic & Pathology Report. I have had several dogs with cropped ears but never one that died 7 days later from getting ears cropped. I will go into detail if there is someone...
  7. Ear crops
    Hi everyone! I'm new, just joined😊Just asking for opinions on how my boy's crop turned out. They are standing beautifully already, beings it's only the day after. They turned out a little longer than I had envisioned, but overall I am happy and satisfied. This is my first time having any of my...
  8. Pictures
    I am so worried about my girl. she got her ears cropped about 2 weeks ago. there was some trauma to the tips where stitches got ripped out so i am expecting the tips to look off. But to me her ears do not look like a good crop job over all. How horrible is it? Should I look for a doctor to try...
  9. General Discussion
    Hi, I got a question my Ambull got her ears healed after being crop. I'am curios if her ear will erect alone? or Do i need to tape it? Another question, If I don't put tape on her ear, is her ear will stand alone? or it will remain as-is? She is now 4 months and 17 days old :D
  10. General Discussion
    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong area. I recently got my first bully and she had her ears cropped on 11/9. This is also my first ear crop, and while I tried to go into this prepared, I'm realizing after the fact that I simply have a lot to learn - many...
  11. Ear crops
    I have a pittbull that is 4 months old now and I contemplated on cropping his ears. He is too old to get his ears cropped now though right? Just wondering. I think I saw somewhere that it is best to do it around 10-12 weeks.
  12. Ear crops
    I purchased two blue Pitts about two weeks ago there going on 8 weeks strongly considering cropping their ears .jus curious when is the right time ..don't wanna do it prematurely or too late and risk messing my dogs ears up RoQ &Titan 6 weeks Parents Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. General Discussion
    Got my 2 Month old boy, Kilos ears done today & one doesn't stand up as much as the other one. Is it cause he's still young & its still recently done & just wait it out? & another thing, should i post his ears now or after his sutures desolve? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Ear crops
    Hi everyone! I've got a pit,bully mix puppy,Dante He is a 4 month old lil boy A month ago we got his ears cropped.. The right is longer than the left,taping can help it?Sorry for my terrible grammar,I'm from Hungary. Please someone help https://ibb.co/mtukgQ
  15. General Discussion
    So i'm deciding if I want to crop my pup's ears because I think they'll look better when he's older. However, i'm torn because I don't want to put him through any *unnecessary* pain. I'm just wondering if anyone has been in the same position? If so, how did you decide? He'll be a little bit over...
  16. Ear crops
    anyone know of any good reputable places that do crops for a decent price?
  17. General Discussion
    Any recommendations for vet/specialist around this area for ear crop? I know some vets can do it for 350/400 but ive heard of some people paying around 200ish?
  18. General Discussion
    I have a 10 week old blue pit or what I was told by the person I bought him from purebred and was getting his ears cropped on the 15th of November. I don't want to crop them if he's not purebred pit. Does he look pure to you guys?
1-18 of 194 Results