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  1. General Discussion
    hello I had my dogs ears cropped at 11 weeks and now he is 16 weeks. we waited for everything to heal before posting. his right ear is giving trouble. it does not want to stand right. when I post them I leave them on for 4-5 days. it got a little better but still looks funny and just won't do...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Hi! Hope I'm on the right forums! I cropped my dogs ears when when he was 7 months old but now they fold over his head. I know I have to post them but how to post if they are folding over, is it even posible? He is now 9 months old tomorrow and all stiches and everything is healed but it Still...
  3. Bullies 101
    I have a 9 week old bullie and we got his ears cropped. One of them healed perfectly but the other one is missing a few stitches near the bottom. We had him in a cone but are thinking he scratched and pulled them out while we were cleaning the cone. It's really swollen and has a lot of drainage...
  4. Pictures
    Wassup everyone I was wondering what this bump on my puppy’s ear would be? Will it go down on its own? He got his ear cropped a little over month ago but 2 weeks ago I noticed this bump and it hasn’t disappeared yet. What could it be from?
  5. Ear crops
    This is my handsome boy King he is 12 weeks old and just had his ears done yesterday and I am absolutely loving them!:roll: I'm not sure how to turn the pictures the correct way if anyone can feel free to fix them :)
  6. General Discussion
    I found a pit bull puppy not far from my house last night. I spent the morning visiting vets around the area to see if they recognized him. None did. They say he's about 6-8 months old, which surprised me because he's small (22 pounds). I've posted all over facebook to try and find his...
  7. Ear crops
    so i just got her ears cropped and i was wondering what you thought of her crop. this is the first time i have gotten a dogs ears cropped, so i don't know much. Thanks for takin a look! [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  8. Pictures
    Opinions welcome. I'm afraid they might be to short but overall I like it. What do you guys/gals think?
  9. Ear crops
    It's working!!! I changed the tape/wrap this morning and her ears were standing straight up! How long should I keep this on? I heard 2-8 weeks. Before taping With tape on(I don't want to undo them for a pic but next time I have to change it I will)
  10. New Member Introductions
    So I've had several pitbulls and have never had this problem. My blue girl is almost 7 months old and yesterday I noticed one of her ears is like limp. I got to looking at it and noticed a crease like spot kinda in the middle of her ear and it's like she doesn't have any control over the ear, as...
  11. Ear crops
    help! can i still crop my 7months old pitbull? i want a show crop.
  12. General Discussion
    I have an 8 week old pup and I'm beginning to look for reputable locations to get his ears show-size cropped. I am looking for a place that doesn't charge a ridiculous amount of money as well. I am from the east coast and it averages around $100-200 there. The places I am finding up here in the...
  13. Pictures
    12 weeks old and I took him to have his ears trimmed. I think they look awesome. Tell me what you guys think!
  14. Ear crops
    Its been about 7 day's since my puppy got his ears clipped and he ripped out some stitches early on and got a little infected and was treated but now the ear is a little swollen at the bottom is this normal and if not what can i do Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  15. Ear crops
    How often and how should i clean my puppys ears Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  16. General Discussion
    I live in WV and seems like most vets charge $300. How much do you pay and where are you located?
  17. General Discussion
    I'm really glad how her ears came out! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  18. Pictures
    Hey guys wanted to see if any of you Guys who have dogs with there ears cropped who do weird positions when aware or tired.
  19. Ear crops
    I think they did good... They are kinda curling right now but she did pull them tight and the "cut" is clean. She is a trooper! http://pic2.pbsrc.com/flash/rss_slideshow.swf Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  20. Ear crops
    Hi everyone! I am getting my pits ears cropped next week! Does anybody have any suggestions on preparations or how to help it heal better afterwards? Thanks! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
1-20 of 86 Results