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  1. Ear crops
    Looking for recommendations on Bully ear crops in New Mexico. Thanking you in advance.
  2. Ear crops
    Hey Guys! I'm have a 1 yr old Staffie/Rott mix and his ears are cropped. The problem is, we live in upstate New York, where it snows, constantly during the winter months. The other day, when it snowed my Staffie(bolo) got snow in his ears, while out playing. I didn't think any thing of it at...
  3. Ear crops
    Should I crop my pitbull ears he is 9 weeks any suggestions
  4. Ear crops
    Soo me and my boyfriend are gettin puppies soon , and we were wondering if anyone knew a great place to get their ears cropped for a reasonable price ? Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  5. Ear crops
    This is my first post to this forum and am very excited to be apart of this community. I just purchased a 3 month old American Bully from Blue Desert Farms and he had his ears cropped about two weeks ago. His stitches were taken out before he took his 6 hour flight to my home. His ears are...
  6. Ear crops
    can anyone recomend a place to get ears done in the bay area ?
  7. Ear crops
    So we were in the vet this week getting calis 3rd set of shots done and the vet asked about her ears and if we are getting them done. We told him we got lunas ears done at another local vet {as when i called our vet they said they dont do them only now to find out he does he just doesnt...
  8. General Discussion
    My vet's prices have gone up for show crops, anyone know of good vets up in Colorado I could use? I am going in July and could take the whole litter if I found a good vet up there. If you know or had one can you list them along with the dogs picture they did? Thanks I am looking for vets along...
  9. Pictures
    We were out playing in the fresh mud lol gotta love snow melt springs on the acreage :) Mel's New crop fixing her old dob crop... Waiting for Dad to throw the ball Mr. Studly :) Kratos annoyed with Mommy and her camera today "hehe... I have the ball and no one knows it yet.." Hope you...
  10. General Discussion
    in 5 days, the babies go in for their crops. Since ya'll have watched them grow up i thought I'd ask you for opinions on crop styles. I'm leaning towards Indigos crop for both of them, but I'm open to suggestions from others... please post your favorite representations of American Bully crop jobs.
1-10 of 10 Results