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  1. Pictures
    Hi guys, I have an 11 month that is much smaller in height than the average pitbull, weighing 68lbs. He has a lot of excess skin and hasn't seem to be growing in size for about 3 months already. Really just trying to figure out what breed he may be crossed with? Help please. Ps. First time...
  2. Pictures
    Hello people, I have a staffy who is now 5 and have always wondered if she has any pit bull in her? Would like to know if any of you can tell by these pictures?
  3. Products / Services
    Southern Cross Cut Gear and Hog Hunting Supply is under new management and has a new home here in GA! Southern Cross Cut Gear
  4. Bloodline Discussion
    Id like to see yalls responses to what you would bring to cross into a dog bred like this.... ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [486304] :: GOLSONS/MURRAY'S LIL ANGEL Ive got my own plan for her, I am just interested in hearing some of yall opinions who may have seen something in the past or what would...
  5. Pictures
    My 1st dog going on 2 years pitbull husky cross Mean face in this lol Loves the snow Sees a cat on porch lol Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  6. Bloodline Discussion
    About 6 yrs ago we got a female from michigan that was heavy bred off of Stephanys ch Homer. We bred her to our dog that was a very heavy bred lonzos Danger, great grandson to adams ch zebo. This produced jack a very impressive dog. At 4yrs old we bred him to a heavy bred Jeep girl of my wifes...
  7. General Discussion
    i was wondering which would be better to start with pure mayday or 50/50 mayday frisco cross?
  8. Pictures
    he is 50lbs 21 inches at the shoulder and almost 6 mths old
  9. Pictures
    Pitbull Terrier x American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pup. Busta <3 Male, 3 and a half month old Pitbull Terrier x American Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
  10. Health & Nutrition
    hi i got a 7 1/2 month pit cross mastiff i wanted to know the best food to feed him wet food and dry food? i just brought webbox chunk roll and have been feeding him that for the last 3 days usally i feed him butchers tripe and also butchers dry food chicken bite things as my staff eats them...
  11. Pictures
    Bernie 1.5 yrs old - tracker 3 years old I have been pet sitting tracker for the past week his owners went to costa rica for the holidays. Here is some video of this ball fetching bull lol This dog has the mouth of a gator, never gets tired and he is super explosIve.
  12. General Discussion
    Hi Everyone Just curious to know, has anyone here heard of Iron Cross Kennels run by a breeder named Roman (sorry don't have a last name) and possibly another man named Dave Wilson. Just curious for some insight/input. I heard the name on a reality show and for some reason it grabbed my...
  13. The Goldmine
    i forgot to post about this when i first heard about it. did anyone else hear anything about this?
  14. General Discussion
    Way to go THOR!!!! You da man!!! What a great representative of the breed. I'm sure that this will make the front page news (dripping with sarcasm);) BSL spun headline: Viscious pit bull sees opportunity to maul baby during a horrific family fire!!!!
  15. Positive Pitbull News
    Way to go, Thor! Red Cross: Dog tried to pull baby out of burning home BRISTOL - The Elkhart County Red Cross is calling a Bristol pit bull a hero after he alerted his family to a fire, and even tried to pull a baby away from danger. The fire started early Thursday morning in a hallway and...
  16. General Discussion
    We all know DA is an issue with this breed and most of my females DO NOT get along and are separated runs. I do have a few that are able to be with each other in pairs in the dogs runs but I know that could always change and it has in the past. Some dogs will get along for years then all of a...
1-16 of 42 Results