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  1. Health & Nutrition
    So not sure if anyone has ever had something like this happen but if you did and you know why can you post it up please.. I got home last night from working all day and everything here was fine I have 2 males that I crate and rotate so I went and let Zeke out first along with the girls. while...
  2. Pictures
    Love my baby boy and how he has matured so far. Happy birthday to my baby Orange Crush, the 1st pic I ever had of him { was a cell pic } The day he arrived to us :) At 2 years
  3. Pictures
    Thats right my lil baby is growing up so quick he turns 1 today.
  4. Pictures
    These were taken 1 day before he turned 11 months old,I know he was overstacked in that one pic but i was just messing around figured id take a few quick shots on our walk.
  5. Pictures
    10 months old here,very happy with how he is maturing so far.What do yall think?:roll:
  6. Pictures
    I think blue is his color for sure , what ya think?
  7. Pictures
    Been gone a while.So i figured id stop in and post some pics.Heres crush between 7-8 months old.Crushs dad Suarezbulls the Gladiator has also made ABKC CH recently so thats a bonus.For those of you who dont know his ped his mom is Bowwow's Top Notch which is off CH Tonka X Diehards Sandy.He is...
  8. Pictures
    LOL he has weird lil quirks unlike the rest of our dogs he is just weird lol. Among many things the phone just irks him for some reason , if it is on the couch beside us and goes off he flips and has answered it a few times lol, thought Id get some on video . had to audio swap one of them due to...
  9. Pictures
    Or maybe just tryna eat the skateboard lol
  10. Pictures
    havent posted much on him but thought I would share a couple. stitches came out today. there is still some heling to do before they are 100% but I love how he looks now , my lil grimlin. gettin some love from dad ignore his dirty face his sisters like to mess him up tried to get him to sit...
  11. Pictures
    they had a bit of a war over Crush's favourite toy his Lobster.lol Crush lost this war, actually I think the lobster lost this war ....poor crush lol
  12. Bullies 101
    He cleaned house earning:Best Champion,Best of show and Best of breed. Heres ABKC GRCH Suarez Bulls Victorious and his grandkid Crush im hoping he turns out like victorious.
  13. Pictures
    LOL crush has few quirks we are discovering like his phobia fascination with the brush , back massager, bike helmet and today a helium balloon lol , I swear he has such a lil girly bark too lol :) here he is with the brush and back massager , wish I had the one with the helmet on camera he jump...
  14. Pictures
    So this is the pp we posted about a couplr months ago { but got some bully hate comments and kinda ended that thread lol} anyways after going back n forth if we were even gonna get him and then dealing with the headache of tryna get him flown out here from LA { the airlines have some strict...
  15. Obedience Training
    Crush is now 14 months old and I have been working with her on obed and I told Cheryl I would get some video for her. So here is Crush who was bred by Caragan Kennel at 14 months doing some Obed on leash. Truth be known I have worked with her very little and she seems to remember it so I guess I...
  16. Pictures
    This girl right here is very special to me,ASIDE frome her spectacular look she can run circles around most males litterally, tha Bitch has true drive and is always willing to work,,Im gonna have to video her because I want every one to see what a 1503 BULL is all about. She is super short w/ a...
1-16 of 18 Results