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  1. Health & Nutrition
    OK, my male pitt is a few years old. He suddenly started walking like he is trying to bite a flea on his tail... I mean he's walking forward, but his body looks like its in the shape of the letter C if you were looking from the top. I'm obviously going to take him in to be seen, but would like...
  2. Pictures
    BOB WAS A PIT BULL By Ryan S Browning Bob was a Pit Bull. He was my best friend. Dad brought him home when he was twelve weeks old. He came from a list of Grand Champions. His daddy used to win a lot of shows. As Bob grew older some neighbors got scared. They said Bob would bite someone. My...
  3. Bloodline Discussion
    ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [272874] :: BRICK X SWEET GIRL Had a pup from this cross. I had no Idea what I was holding!!!! He was a buckskin pup named Chevy. He died, and I have no Idea why. I walked outside one day to find him curled up like he was asleep, but dead! :cry: I know the man personally...
  4. General Discussion
    This is a cross post as the main one is in the VIP section, this is the clean version thats friendly family as i'm sure i've :stick: and :flush: some families around these parts.. From what i'm told even broke up a marriage because her husband couldn't believe their pet bull wasn't pure bred...
  5. Pictures
    LOL loki vs. the tree but he gets sooo animated at times lol.
  6. Obedience Training
    Charley is 5 months old today. I trained him right away to pee on command when I got him. I tell him "do it" and he does, I still praise him and all is well in the pee department. When he was little he'd poop out side in the same spot, and then he wouldn't go there he started going EVERYWHERE in...
  7. Jokes and Funny Stuff
    lol I came across this today and thought it'd put a smile on a few of your mugs. lol A husband suspects his wife is having an affair. He needs to go on a business trip for several days, so he decides to set a trap for her. He puts a bowl of milk under the bed. From the bed springs, he...
  8. Health & Nutrition
    I had my 6 month old puppy nuetered yesterday and he was up all night whimpering. The doctor gave him a shot before he left yesterday for pain and sent me home with meds to start today. Is it normal for him to be crying? I have read so much about puppies jumping around like nothing happened...
  9. General Discussion
    I was looking through youtube and came across this video. Its so good but lord its a tear jerker
  10. General Discussion
    This is a sad story but also a good one....I wish I could help the little guy.... OpEdNews » Heroic Pitbull Rescues Family in Assault, which Abandons Him at "Shelter"
  11. General Discussion
    Okay so I am a big craigslister, mainly for tack and stuff for my horses but I always love to look under the Free category, well I found the most horrifying ad ever, I am not going to give out this guys name or number because I don't want anyone calling him because of what he might be capable of...
1-11 of 18 Results