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    Well, it will be two short, or long depending how you look at it, years since Cuda passed away on New Year's Eve:( His passing is still something that I struggle with, especially this time of the year. Yes, I have tried to get on with my life as much as I can but something is missing, and that...
  2. General Discussion
    My amazing pit is a train wreck and the obvious result of sucky breeding...at 9mths old she is only 25lbs, has a fused neck, crooked spine, tilted rib cage, flat feet, tremendous underbite and even her ears point different ways! With a clean bill of health from 2 Vets, Cuda is the most loving...
  3. General Discussion
    OK, I don't mean to flood this forum with my pups, Cuda and Jack, but today is Cuda's Birthday so maybe keep him in your thoughts:) Jack's will be in October. Thanks friends
  4. Pictures
    Jack as a pup Jack looking for food Jack in the sun Jack looking tough with yours truly Cuda, Jack with friend, Emmett
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    Well, I finally found a scanner and have some pictures of the two dogs I have posted about. Cuda and Jack stole my heart when they came into my life and broke it when they left my life. Their absence has been really tough for me to handle. They were more than dogs to me, they were equals...
1-5 of 5 Results