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    My husband took these photo's last night. I was upstairs with the big girl getting ready for work (we have a gate at the bottom of the steps so they couldn't come up). They were sitting at the bottom of the steps likes this while I was up there. Love my little ducklings!
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    Here are some pictures of my pups. Pictures less than two weeks old and now three months old. Beau and Trinny.
  3. General Discussion
  4. General Discussion
    Check out Princess the Pitbull on youtube. Super cute!
  5. Pictures
    Dirty with the face and ears to die for. <3 My son Zachary and Dirty Deeds. :welcome: :pup::woof::pup:
  6. Pictures
    I was looking through these the other day and I am amazed at how he has grown. These are his parents. (apparently) I was able to get the byb to send these to me. This was him when I got him at 7 weeks old... The face that stole my heart so to speak. He shivered so much from the cold...
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    I have't posted in a long time so wanted topost a couple pics of my little girl Indy, she's 8 mnts old now. Love the first pic shelooks posessed. Sorry about poor quality they are cellphone pics.
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    The pitbull mixes I own or have owned.All these dogs are related as well.The first is beauty the pitbull/chihuahua mix(random mixture I know but she is and her ears actually stand erect this is when she was around 6mo). Next is Bruno(pitbul,American bulldog,Australian shepherd mix unrelated to...
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    ok so i was trying to get good shots of all the dogs....lol failed for the most part...but anyway...heres presenting Alexa, Drake, Magnus, and their buddies Jack and Boomer! boomer eating Magnus's face lmao cute playtime all the boys! cutest pic of Jack ever!!!! LMAO crazy face aww my...
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    Just picked up this mixed pit. Parents were (mother)Brown nose (father)Red nose, other than that I dont know the breed. I will love her non the less. Have been doing tons of research to raise this pup into a loving loyal companion. Any feedback is welcomed Thanks,
  13. Introduction Forum
    Hello all! I am a NorCal resident, married with an Adora-bull named Jasper, whom we have had for the past 2.5 years. I wanted to do a little fact-finding, and after running through some rather duplicitous sites, finally arrived on GoPitbull. Your posters have impressed me, and everyone seems...
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    Look at the cute Beagle enjoying the nice weather and his hands-off leashed walk on 200 foot leash.... And here he pouts when I tell him to stay..
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    Needed a place to put Oreo's pictures for now so here they are! Some are a lil old. Feel free to comment Sleeping with his mouth open Sitting with sissy & watching tv Chewing on his bone In mommy's truck at the laundromat Sleeping with mommy He loved that sock monkey! ZzZz...
1-16 of 108 Results