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  1. Pictures
    ..... Of Odin and Banshee! So I spent the weekend up at Holly's house and we played photographer with all her dogs and my two too! The big blue mutt and the lil blonde spaz look good all gussied up :P hope y'all enjoy! K9 Performance Knls Banshee showin off her 2nd place ribbon from Vegas...
  2. Pictures
    like the title says, photo dump time. image heavy obviously. all kinds of random photos of Odin over the last month or so. enjoy :D he loves the hose more than any other dog i have ever met. "rawr! im gunna get u water!" Airborne! "oh! u got me!" "when is dad coming home?" "why did u tell...
  3. Pictures
    My camera battery died !~ also mad I can't convert the video ... He loved it, some tug, some fetch and some chasing sqirrels, and his coat looks great couldn't really tell indoors my lighting sucks ... its all grown in, shiny and his skin is good ... O and he has to lose 4/5lbs ugh ...
  4. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    i have 100 posts whoop!
1-4 of 4 Results