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    Yea, I did that No it did not go as planned lol I knew what I was doing, I knew what might happen when choosing two of the most "confident" pups to take, but I wanted some pictures of MY pups together. They did get into a serious puppy fight and a little blood was shed, nothing major, but...
  2. Pictures
    yes she is really that red Im just gonna bring this over here.. you're probably gonna need it when I murder this skunk In case you dont see whats going on here, this is her about to not use her front legs again. She apparently cant keep them under her and just pushes herself...
  3. Pictures
    Just a few pictures of her, she is a spunky little wild dog even at this age! Ignore my dirty floor lol got this newspaper bedding all over the place Side eye of doom.. My muttisnt too fond of the puppies, he doesnt even want them to touch him Thanks for looking, I will probably...
1-3 of 3 Results