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  1. Pictures
    Hey all I haven't been around as much, and I miss the gopitbull world..Hope all is ok and the doggies are doing great! Czar turned 2 september 27th. He is eatting his cake lol Dad i'm stuffed! dad you have a comfy back :clap::clap::clap::clap::roll::roll::roll:
  2. Pictures
    new kittens they are wittle I MISS YA'LLLLL
  3. Pictures
    Lets play!!!! OK, this neck rub will do:) Czar all cuddled up lol :woof::woof::woof::woof:
  4. Pictures
    Czarclaus NO NOOO CRATE DAD! I'l sleep here and be good, but please NOO CRATE!!! ahhh couch is more comfy:)
  5. Pictures
    Which one is my gift dad:)? Lets go play! snowwww~ im' getting sleepy now night night!
  6. Pictures
    Some of these pics quality aren't 2 good sowwie folks! grrrr mine! KISSES.. night night!:)
  7. Pictures
    Dad, can we go play basketball now? Huh can we, can we! Come on hurry up, this way! Thanks, I found my basketball woohooo! Czar laying out with his best friend..Mr basketball lol The basketball is 2 big for me, can't we play tennis
  8. Pictures
    I missed you guys...Czar just turned 1 and is still the tazmanian devil lol...
  9. Pictures
    Whats hiding in that bush dad?? My fav ball dad:) Shhh i stold all grandma's dolls:) Got my stunner Shades on!
  10. Health & Nutrition
    I'm a little concerned I noticed some bumbs on czar's chest and legs..it started happening a couple days ago..I"m not sure if its from the 4th of july he was out all night and mosquitos got him or its from the heat...can anyone give me some advice or have any idea what it can be? here are some...
  11. Pictures
    Best BUDS:) Video of czar with the genny pig sicilia Dad I wanna go outside and play with my ball:) AHHHH thats more like it..
  12. Pictures
    Czar wants to go for a ride ...Get out the trunk boiiii Czar GET BACK HERE WITH TWEETY!
  13. Pictures
    Lets PWAYYYYYYYY! He loves that basketball out of every toy he has lol hes runing after the ball..all excited and full of energy My mom got him a new collar..he and I like it:) Seems like hes leaning up and bit and getting some muscle..All the running he does he should have a six pack:)...
  14. Pictures
    Dad Look I got the ball:) I like to sleep with the evil chi ooo yea good sweepz
  15. Pictures
    Czar sniffin his lil toy A LiL Closer View..look dad grass BaLLinnNNnnnnn Dad I'm tired lets go Home
  16. Pictures
    Czar had a great time playing with my brother girlfriends...friend daughter..Hope that made sense lol Looks like someone is getting sweepy Go sweep papa bear
  17. Pictures
    I was vacuming my suv out and look who sneaks in lol Since I'm doing all the hard work, he decides to get comfy I open the window and czar decides to take a look out.See whats going on.
  18. Obedience Training
    Ok, czar is now 5 months, and since the weather has gotten warmer I've been takin him on walks more often and for a bit longer. At first when I took him for a walk and he seen a person he'd act scared or just wag his tail and go to them happily...Now when he sees someone he starts to bark at...
  19. Pictures
    czar on the [email protected] his ears Czar sleep in my lap while I'm tryin to post on gp lol
1-19 of 43 Results