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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    What color would you call these pups? They are all kind of mixed different colors, not brindle. The parents are light. [emoji2368] . He is the daddy. Sent from my 6062W using Tapatalk
  2. Pictures
    Buffy got to chill out with her daddy today. Ch Bonez :) he's such a cool dog. I really want to get all 5 of his productions that I have with him and get a picture of that. Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  3. Pictures
    This is my Blue Fawn 90lb AmStaff Pit Stud of the litter - 3 years old. As a pup:
  4. Pictures
    Here is a few more pictures of Bully's daddy that the breeder just sent me :)
  5. General Discussion
    This morning our neighbors cows got out of the pasture and crossed a field and were coming into my yard to chew on some grass (Yes my grass is greener then on the other side), which is no big deal. My gf and I watched the little cows jump around and play for awhile, but had other things to do...
  6. Pictures
    I was gonna get pics of all of them with him but I think we got through 3-4 of them and came back and they were all asleep lol , will have to take the rest on the next nice day. been working on albums for each of the new homes with pictures of there pup from birth all the way up until they take...
  7. Pictures
    her favorite thing is when he gets in the floor lol so she can bite his head lol
  8. Pictures
    I can't wait to get him working again !! I took this shot last weekend, all his muscles have deflated but boy he looks so lean Giant intact Doberman eyeing him out in class last weeked lol This is how fat he was never again :(
  9. Obedience Training
    Hello everyone! Been too busy with life that I never got a chance to post or ask question here. Trolling once in a while:). Mack is 6 months now and growing fast. I have a question though... Whenever people visit our house, Mack pee's because he is excited to see other folks.. Even just...
  10. Health & Nutrition
    Hey all, So after reading the thread in GD about the puppy, I have become a little self conscious about Sasha's feet.. I want you all to take a look and see if they look normal, for some reason it has been on my mind all day. if there is anything not normal and I'm not seeing it I want to be...
  11. Pictures
    Click on picture for video What a Goof! :hammer:
  12. General Discussion
    I hope this is allowed. Anyway, this is a page taking donations for a rescued pit, who's very sick, they need to raise $2000 for his operation,so far they have raised $882. I'm sure they will be happy with whatever is donated :3 ChipIn: Daddy's emergency dingle berry and wee wee hose surgery...
  13. Pictures
    we were lucky enough to rescue and bring home a beautiful 4 month old female amstaff (sire) and APBT (dam) mixed chocolate brindle with a ticked pattern rednose named Hazel... with, you guessed it... hazel eyes. Cujo, our 3 month old black and tan APBT, could not be happier to have a new...
  14. Pictures
    Sasha practicing her stay/wait. Her face looks weird for some reason...
1-16 of 34 Results