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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    I am no longer the owner of a pit bull we had to put my 3 year old down today her ear tumor had spread to her brain and even with surgery she wouldn't have made it
  2. Pictures
    Believe it or not she is a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier. Her Bloodline's are Redboy, Snooty, Cotton Bullet
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Noticed Daisy has been scratching and nibbling a lot lately, and the boys have been interested in her armpits and underside... flipped her over and saw all this on her belly... just gave her an oatmeal flea/tick bath and rubbed some HC cream on it to relieve the itching a little... any ideas...
  4. General Discussion
    Lately Dre and Diesel have been after Daisy like she is in heat, but shes spayed... Diesel is the worst.. trying to mount her, but she keeps putting him in his place..lol.. what makes them do this? Pretty sure this is why they got into it recently
  5. Pictures
    playing in the water hose This is the day Dre split his dew claw.. you can see it wrapped up My buddy Juan's new female boxer pup.. Raja
  6. Health & Nutrition
    I wasn't sure whether to post this in the Training section or Health section but considering that Daisy is(or has been) potty trained, I thought this is a developing health issue? Daisy is a rescue dog out of Downey, CA from a high kill shelter. We adopted her when she was 6 months and now...
  7. Pictures
    Boudreaux his sister Daisy Playin.. Playing more.. Regular abuse our pitbull endures...:love:
  8. Health & Nutrition
    Hey guys. So right now I'm feeding my two year old 1 cup of Nutro Max and 1 4oz Chicken Breast at night. Do you guys recommend changing it up? Nutro max is rated 3.5 stars but is kinda high in carbs, and I'm trying to get her to lose weight and gain some lean mass so I'm thinking of adding more...
  9. Pictures
    Hey Guys! Just found this site after searching for exercises for my bully! I rescued a Bully last year and love her to death... AMAZING with kids and other dogs.. very obedient just the most amazing dog I could possibly have ever hoped for. A lot of people ask me what breed she is... and I...
  10. Pictures
    its funny.. she would snap at the balls when they came past her.. lol.. i thought she was gonna jump up there after them
  11. Pictures
    Here are some recent pictures of daisy i took today
  12. Health & Nutrition
    or something of the sort.. i was out back playing with the dogs .. they were running around, having fun.. then i noticed Daisy's front right dew claw bleeding.. got it cleaned u and it looks like this.. what is that pink thing? it was bleeding in between there and the nail
  13. Pictures
    So I went down to SOCAL to meet and bring home Scorch. Well I was very happy with him, he is not quite the size you would expect from his pictures... Still a big solid guy though lol. He is very well mannered and went with me like he had known me forever. I had been up for 38 hours ( and drove...
  14. Bullies 101
    RE Dozer x RE Daisy seems to be a big favorite in the bullie world from what a breeder told me, do any members have any offsprings from this breeding, if so please post pic I would love to see.
  15. Pictures
    yes her nametag says lyric...because that was her name lol. but the littles in the house have a hard time saying it...so daisy she is lol (and i and our vet are aware of how skinny she is. shes had quite the battle with worms...3 dewormings later shes still struggling to keep weight on...we get...
  16. Pictures
    Here are some updated pictures of my girl
  17. General Discussion
    But upset at the same time.... The other day i had left to go to the store and i had left the dogs out back..... well my fiance comes home to Daisy barking at my neighbor... has him stuck in my doorway and Diesel running around in the yard.. Dre stayed in the back like a good boy. I go to the...
  18. Pictures
    Some recent pictures of my two babies :) Best thing in the world to come home to! Crazy ears and eyes in this! Tank being naughty My baby boy And my pretty girl The end
  19. Pictures
    i got this for Daisy for her birthday.. but Dre has claimed it as his.. lol .. time to buy Daisy a bite toy for her springpole its not the bouncy one, its the 10" hard plastic one.. has a plug to put stuff in it, so i put marbles so it would rattle
1-19 of 34 Results