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  1. pitbull behavior
    Hey there Pitbull forums, This is Molly. She was my brother's dog, but Jered left to join the military years back, got out and went straight to school in southern CA where he couldn't bring her. So she stayed with our mom. At the same time he left (some 8 years ago) I had moved up to WA...
  2. General Discussion
    I walk in the woods with my puppy who is 14 weeks on Saturdays and Sundays probably around 2 hours n if I get a little jog on hell run right next to me and in front but its clear to see he LOVES it he's not on the lead so is not being forced or dragged and he never gets tired....EVER! I'm just...
  3. Pitbull Articles
    :mad::mad:This whole article irks me from the person who wrote the article to the people accusing said pit bulls of "arborcide." Give me a break! First, if said pit bulls are the ones causing damage to the trees, it certainly isn't their fault. Last time I checked I believe human beings were the...
  4. Pictures
    Yeah, they did this the same night after 2 hours at the creek swimming and running around, wander if a bunny was somehwere around, anyway
1-4 of 6 Results