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  1. Pictures
    summer in LA lets sleep with our faces in this pile of toys best friends touch butts when they sleep sorry no room for humans in this california king size bed best friends go dookie together The General Maximus wishing he could play outside chicks dig me go away, we told you...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Logan testing the Dog Powered Scooter: Extended Cut - YouTube
  3. Pictures
    Walked out in the laundry room and found one of our cats Tabby had jumped on our door going after a moth.She looked at me like 'now how do I get down?'lol.Had to save the moth so she couldn't kill it.
  4. General Discussion
    the one thing i was hoping to do was catch it before it happened but....shoulda known she was gonna go into heat BEFORE I could get her into the vets office (that's my flipping luck!) so........I have to wait it out and be completely annoyed for a while. make a NEW appointment and get her spayed...
  5. Pictures
    lol so before it started pouring rain here and turned the back yard into a huge muddy lake, the dogs were after a squirrel, they tease them so much but I snapped these pics, thought I'd share, lol. Phoenix was watching the squirrel hard, lol - Penny was watching the fence line - And Orion...
  6. Obedience Training
    well i've gone on and off of training with treats. now it seems like he listens a lot better when he knows i have treats. i want to wean him off of them. i praise him when he does something right and sometimes give him a treat. any help?
  7. General Discussion
    How do I curb this? Every time it's feeding time Pig leaps ontop her crate and does this happy dance... it gets on my nerves now because she thinks the top of my head is an extension of her cage/ stage when i put the bowl in there. I know when she gets bigger and if we don't have those steal...
  8. Health & Nutrition
    My grandma's neighbor has been severly neglecting their puppy they got around 6 months ago. The dog is about 8 months old and her skin is so inflamed (legs, neck, belly, and face)... she's bleeding and oozing puss everywhere. I washed her this afternoon and applied the nu stock. I was just...
  9. Pictures
    The only one I weighed at first was the runt on day 2 because she wasn't nursing...at that time she was 15 ounces...today she is 1.15 pounds. Today: The little boy is 2.3 Miss Piggy is a whopping 2.9!!!! group shots The boy... he's already starting to open his eyes! Freak boy...
  10. General Discussion
    I thought this was cool
  11. Pictures
    My sister edited these photos of Indi and Jarvis to make them like coloring book pages. I thought that they were just too cool and I had to share them! The photos were taken on new years eve, but today was the first time I saw them.
1-11 of 11 Results