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  1. Pictures
    So I took Karma over to my parents to meet and play with Bella who is a 5 year old English bulldog. Couldn't get a good picture cause there non stop on the move so I got what I could lol. They had fun! I'll update as the night comes to an end.
  2. Pictures
    I was not here too much, been busy. But want to give an update on Bia ,she came to me on middle of June was a case of abuse from a bad rescue ,underweight, she gain ten pounds since that. Before pics And now ,she is doing great, she is a sweet little girl After the snow Thanks for whatching
  3. Pictures
    So here are the winnings Spock 1 1st Crixus 2 1st Nicki 1 1st and 1 2nd Xena 1 2nd-She only showed one day. Photos of the dogs and even some pictures by Cheryl Caragan!!!! Nicki in the ring for Best Puppy Photos of Nicki byCheryl Spock In the ring receiving his 1st place Being...
  4. Pictures
    Roxy is out having fun in the snow! see the link above to watch her!
  5. Pictures
    I realize that Martin Scorsese can rest easy as I clearly am no competition... but I had fun dramatizing Veronica's date with her boyfriend yesterday: autobiographical, true story. :p
  6. Pictures
    sorry iv been kind of posting a lot but i haven't been to busy for the past few days :hammer: first some pictures of my jack russle (milo) and of course my girl (Blondie) (: Few months ago :Recent: Play date with her sister :Recent: And the play date with her and my dads friends...
  7. Pictures
    Some of you guys may remember Beezy... Beezy is our friend Brandon's APBT. They moved to Texas about 6 months ago due to a job transfer, but now they're back for good! :clap: He is now 15 months, and a big meaty man! We held a supervised play date at our house yesterday, and boy .... they ALL...
  8. Events, Results & Photos
    I have a date for the pit bull awareness walk! It will be on August 9th. I have decided to do a carnival type walk, with a dunk tank and some kids games. There will be a couple of raffels there. I'm getting my vet to do a rabbies vacine booth and a mirco chip booth. More info to come!
  9. Pictures
    i posted pictures once of him when i first got him at 9wks, now here he is at 6mo and 63lbs........
  10. Pictures
    Molly and Duli playing inside my mom's house waiting on Beezy to get here! (Beezy is Duli's brother that a friend of mine owns.) Molly made 6 months yesterday (: Duli and his brother Beezy will be 4 months Saturday. Oh and Romeo, my mom's Papillion. Duli likes to wink at me :roll...
  11. Pictures
    Lex vs. his arch nemesis The Phone book - test one of leaving him out of the crate during an errand Milo & Ali watching the lizards Milo being a lazy bum My Sandypoos - going on 11 this year Me & my Boi Thanks for looking! :)
  12. The Family Room
    I had my 38 week appointment today! No change in dilation! I am still at a 1 and 50% effaced. They set the date for induction though!! April 21st at 8:00 am!!! One week from tomorrow! I'm so excited! Andrew's sister is coming in from California and I've never met her! So I am really excited...
  13. Pictures
    Ok first is a little I got rescue yesterday! The people where told that they couldn't have the dog so they where just going to take her out back and shoot her.............So of course I took her home. This was after I cleaned her up. She was chained in the mud and a pile of brush. Long rained...
  14. Pictures
    not sure if you guys care but got a few up to date pics of her. just realized how much she has grown since we got her. this first one is the best on i have got a chance to take of her, she is so damn hyper haha. cuddle buddies right here haha back when we first got her and the view...
  15. General Discussion
    I was told he is doing great and at the time i was on the phoe with amber he was playing in the yard. I will have some pics soon they are e-mailing me I can't wait when I get them i will post em up!
  16. BSL Discussion
    Ogden, UT: Council will not vote on pit bull ordinance July 14 Posted on July 11, 2009 by stopbslcom Per the city clerk, the vote on the pit bull ordinance has been delayed due to the abundance of information and correspondence that has been sent to the city council. It is not clear when the...
1-16 of 27 Results