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    Deacon and my K5 (love my truck) weeeee I'm a bat Deacon, my kiddo, friends kids and a small hen of the woods mushroom.....super yummy :) Deacon,me and Chloe Not from the woods but I though it was cute. Mom I was not digging in the yard........:poop:
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    Guarding Funny shot
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    Went to Key West last week and brought home some chew toys for my boy. They are definitely a hit and nothing but the ice cream truck could pull him away from tearing the husk off. I was also playing with the new fish eye lens. MMMMmmmm Ice cream!! Still wanting more....he's a pig :)
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    I have to start with this pic first. He's growing in to this toy nicely, Don't ya think? Hey mom, please play with me? Sweet! The puppy eyes worked! . Deacon and Chloe Chillin with daddy in the garage Hated this old harness we had so I guess we'll have to order him a new one...
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    Here he is being taught some well deserved manners from his cousin Thor. Meeting my sister's horses for the first time. All he wanted to do was play and partake in the delicacy AKA manure. And some randoms
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    Ahhh you are huge!!! (play date) I can beat you up though hehe (play date) We like it dirty What? What are we looking at? Ahhhh that is scary my mom and sister will protect me Cause my mom loves me Cause I'm so cute. Check out these shots of me I get my own toys out...I'm a...
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    well i was spending some time with Deacon and Max. and getting Deacon ready for the april show.so here are a few pictures. enjoy!!!!PS pups are doing great!!!!!
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    crazy boy Deacon