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    It's been a long time but I wanted to share these photos with you guys!!
  2. Pictures
    who needs to take thier dogs to the vet to get thier teeth cleaned when u can do it urself haha. definately beats paying the money and putting ur dog under :) and a few randoms! i was on the computer.. i turn around and this is what i see.. can u imagine.. lolol what a stud deagle...
  3. Pictures
    A pic of the Family =)
  4. Pictures
    i get the feeling deagle just misses me.. i was gone to school lol
  5. Pictures
    at the end of the video he smeared the dirt all over my pants! LOL
  6. Pictures
    theres my gf playing call of duty n the background.. lol
  7. Pictures
    i think hes so cute in this pic haha
  8. Pictures
    can i please go outside?! please!!!!!!! awww why not =( WOOOHOOO!! notice how he slowly gets dirtier and dirtier in every picture haha
  9. Pictures
    sorry for the poor quality i taped it with my phone its pretty dark.
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    sweeeeeeeeeeeeet i finally got him on the treadmill!! ya dont mind me when i do that little hand movement when im saying "i want him to start jogging" LOL
  11. Pictures
    my family friends came over and they played with deagle! this is was his first time with kids!!!! he was being soooooo good it suprised me haha. they even got to paly fetch with him in the yard! i told him to sit from a lay position and this is what he did HAHAHAHA
  12. Pictures
    i dont know if i already posted this one but here it is =) i think this was taken about 3 months ago i think hes grown since then... but hes gotten soft because we moved to a new house so we dont have the spring pole or flirt pole anymore...
  13. Pictures
    YouTube - First day of obedience
  14. Pictures
    me n deagz just relaxin =)
  15. Pictures
    deagle is now wieghing in at 70 pounds at 1 year 1 month
  16. Pictures
    starting off with some spring pole playing some fetch with a basketball inside my room haha wow it looks like hes growing.. haha hes like.. YAY i love that spring pole! what am i doing sitting here? when can i play on the spring pole! WOOHOO!! i cant get it... aww kmon why is...
  17. Pictures
    this is my favourite hes soooo adorable!! omg! hes like... KMONNNN i want that!! i love his little chain its so cute
1-20 of 23 Results