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    Well guys, I asked a couple of weeks ago about a second dog and got plenty of advice. Well it seems that fate is fate..... my cousin Leti (she s my doctor actually as well lol) , .... has a full schedule (both her and hubby are MDs ) and because the 19 year old moved out now the dog they have...
  2. Pictures
    went to my cousins house yesterday, she has a 10 month old mix (idk might be pit/german shepperd) ...her name is Delilah. They had the time of their lives, my lil guy Samson is 6 months APBT, full of love and energy. He was a bit on the frisky side but they were both having the time of their...
  3. Pictures
    This is my first ever pitbull and i love her like i love my girl lol
  4. Pictures
    Just some pics we took this week.. Nina did not feel modely i guess... lol King of the bed I guess that makes her princess! lol I love my baby.. aww... On the way to the vet.. it's like she knows haha Chillaxin' by the pool..
1-4 of 4 Results