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  1. Conditioning
    Hi, i'm going to start building / buying stuff for / my own slat mill in several days, and i've been trying to find some plans for Robert Lemm's slat mills, so i may steal things. Does anyone on the board have them and wish to share ?
  2. Products / Services
    The best original pit bull shirt designs are available here at: http://scratchindog.com/ Check it out! :woof: Custom art is available. If you have a favorite dog and saying or kennel logo that you would like to see on a shirt send me a PM for more info! We also now have mugs and mouse pads...
  3. General Discussion
    hello to all interested in getting into weight pulling>>>wanna build a weight pulling track in my backyard>>>all pics are appreciated thanks in advance H
  4. General Discussion
    Greetings to all looking to get away from the chain/axle setup>>>so if anyone interested in responding>>>post pics of kennel/dog house designs...thanks in advance y.i.t.b H
1-4 of 7 Results