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  1. Pictures
    Somehow my male bully got the backdoor open and this is what he did to my room while I was gone Sent from my iPhone using Petguide.com Free App
  2. Pictures
    Whoopsie Grace. This is what she done to my sisters door LOL all i could do was laugh. I went to visit her and she must have just done it she was shaking and oh so sincere, shes so bored on heat. Cant wait to get her home with me.
  3. Pictures
    Dosia tore his rope to shreds again lol. Time for a new rope. :) lol such a dork pieces every where Can I have a new rope please waiting patiently And GO!!!
  4. General Discussion
    Those particular fighting dogs in Wilkes County, NC were very, very different than the Vick dogs. Whereas Michael Vick was a pro football player that fought dogs as a hobby, the breeder of these dogs was a globally recognized professional dogfighter. Vick was not a good breeder, and he lost...
  5. Pictures
    this is as innocent as it gets Hey kids get that dog a bone I am trying to get one playing with the rope
1-5 of 5 Results