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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    Ok so I am looking for info on red devils is it a bloodline a breeder or just a dogs name I have looked it up and not found much but you all on this form seem to have a lot of knowledage and I would like the info
  2. Pictures
    Here is my litto brat i am still wondering what coloring he is most say that he is almost considered brindle but i dont see how that can be?
  3. Pictures
    he is nelson camarono ofrn corvino ruffian gator and davenport. I believe he is a pitter staff?? either way he gets along GREAT with Peaches! He is 10 weeks old and well...after what happened yesterday we were werent in the name picking mood so we want to have friends and family help us name...
  4. Obedience Training
    How has everyone been? Been a few months since I've been on. I'll have to sift through the posts and see what I have missed!! Anyway, we have a new little buddy coming home next week! I am super exited, but I am NOT exited about potty training him. I've done quite a bit of breed research (min...
  5. General Discussion
    well if you havent guessed by the title i seem to have a vaccum instead of a dog. for some weird reason my pup likes to eat dirt. i know that some other puppy owners may face the same thing. it doesnt seem to matter where we are in the park or on a walk or even when shes at home with the plants...
  6. Bloodline Discussion
    lookin for a red devil puppy..any websites please list
  7. BSL Discussion
    By NO means am I in favor of BSL. However, I did come across these 2 interesting documents that I wanted to share with others. This only helps pit bull owners become MORE educated, because we take the time to learn and get other perspectives - too bad that the opposing side can't (and won't)...
1-7 of 12 Results