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  1. Pictures
    Picked my new pup up last night from the airport! Looking forward to how he turns out got big plans for this one.
  2. Pictures
    Just wanted to show you guys how our baby has grown, hope you guys enjoy! He turned 3 months today!! :) Born April17
  3. General Discussion
    I am finally going to get my American pitbull this weekend. I always knew when I would get a big dog I wanted a pitbull. I cannot download the pics I took yesterday but I'd do have one when he was 4.5 weeks. I am picking him up Friday or Saturday. I am very excited to welcome him into out...
  4. Pictures
    This is what you call SPOILED!! He would not get out of the bed the other morning lol. Just wanted to share :)
  5. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    How many of you watch Dexter? I love this show, seriously I never miss an episode. What did you guys think of the last episode holy cr*p what a show. What do you guys think will happen next season?
  6. Pictures
    Hi This may be a better pic. It was taken when he was around 6 months old.
1-6 of 8 Results