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    so im going to TRY and keep this post updated with pics of dharma instead of starting new threads, i suck at posting pics but ill do better :)
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    she has gotten a lot taller since i got her, i dont really notice expect everyonce in a while ill think she is kinda tall :-) she will be small but thats ok, i wouldnt have room on my bed if she were big
  3. Pictures
    Hello, This is my sweet dog, Dharma. He's an American Staffordshire Terrier and we are from Portugal. Hope you like him :roll: 2 months: When i arrived at the breeder's home to pick him up :-))) 10 months 12 months: 14 months: 16 months: 19 months (taken today): And...
  4. Pictures
    Hey guys, I know i don't post often but I'm always on here lurking around :). I love this site! Anyways here's some pictures of my dog Dharma. She's 11 months now. These pics were taken when she saw her first blimp! She didn't like it too much.. Thanks for looking!
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    Here's my girl Dharma at 6 and a half months Havin fun with a frisbee Thanks for looking!!:woof::woof:
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    Here's my girl at 5 weeks with her best buddy 4 months now 5 months I hope you enjoyed! Please tell me what you think of her!
1-6 of 6 Results