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  1. Pictures
    Hey all. New to this. I lost my 6 year old (7 on Dec 16th) to lymphoma cancer on 11/25 at 3:50am. He was a fighter...spine surgery 1 1/2 years ago and 6 months later diagnosed with lymphoma. We spent 10 months of fighting with 2 relapse. A third remission was impossible to achieve. There has...
  2. Events, Results & Photos
    There is an ADBA Conformation show in San Diego on April 2nd, this will be my first and I cant wait! Anyone else going?
  3. Pictures
    Hi! I haven't posted here in forever! Some recent pictures of my Diego mutt, and my new dog Seelye's CH Ruby Rose.
  4. Ear crops
    Im getting a pup soon and would like to get everything ready. I am looking forward to gettin my pups ear cropped and if you know anyone who crops for a reasonable price please let me know . :)
  5. Pictures
    I post so many pictures of my pup, thought I'd start a thread and keep it all in one place :pup: 9/14/13 Bought him a new jolly ball :) Visited with his favorite girl for a little while.
  6. Pictures
    Looking a bit more manly compared to his last collar ... :)
  7. Pictures
    (These were all taken with my cell phone, sorry for the terrible quality!) Ready to go this morning. Frisbee! Throw it, Mom! Then we went for a walk in the woods ... To the spring pole! Then for another walk ... To the pond for a swim. Little Bailey joined...
  8. Pictures
    This is a pic of my boy Diego that currently lives with my ex-mother-in-law! He is way out of shape used to be ripped but they only feed him as a pet no work involved! So hopefully he'll be back with me soon an I can whip him back in shape! He is watchdog/Camelot with a pinch of chaos!
  9. Pictures
    Weekends mean going to the cabin! Frisbee! Trying to stalk in the grass. :) Hanging out with his favorite girl. He loves the woods! Swimming in the pond. He was so upset because his ball sank and he lost it :( Finally he got so tired he curled up in the golf cart. And ... at the...
  10. Pictures
    I haven't been here much! Here's some pictures of my puppy :)
  11. General Discussion
    Ok so I need some opinions/help!!! I have the opportunity to get my boy Diego back but the only thing is that he has been a house dog forever! An the only way my wife will let me have him back is if he stays outside!! She doesn't want him inside because he is about 90lbs an she jst doesn't want...
  12. BSL Discussion
    Stop San Diego from banning pit bulls - National American Pit Bull | Examiner.com The city of San Diego is considering a pit bull ban. Since the recent attack involving a 75 year old woman, the same debate has erupted throughout the city and beyond. The arguments cite an ill researched Texas...
  13. General Discussion
    Hi all, Just learned of this: the San Diego Union Tribune is doing a phone survey today concerning whether the city should BAN PIT BULLS... It takes 30 seconds to make your phone call. Call 1-800-244-6397 x2506, CHOOSE OPTION #2
  14. Health & Nutrition
    Anybody know where I can get balls ears cropped? I live in chula vista ,ca called most of the vets and hospitals and they don't do it =\ any information can be helpful thank you
  15. Events, Results & Photos
    Just thought id let anyone in the San Diego area who might be interested in going, its this Saturday at the Del mar fairgrounds. here a link to their website. www.abbadogs.org
  16. Health & Nutrition
    This seems sort of like a dumb question to me, but being a 1st time dog owner I was wondering, after all the warm weather since we have had Josey, what happens now as the night temps get cooler. She sleeps in a crate by our bed that has a cover except in the front where the door is. We are...
  17. General Discussion
    im looking for a reputable place thats not overly expensive to get my pup silky's ears cropped in a show style. TIA
  18. General Discussion
    Hello all! My names Adrian, Im 22 years old, and from San Diego. I have decided to finally join this forum, after being a lurker for a few days. Right now I do not have a dog, but I am planning to get a pitbull in the future. I have been doing much research, and am strongly considering to adopt...
  19. Events, Results & Photos
    looking for san diego sch clubs for all breeds, i just want to attend the class to spectate and maybe eval my pup. Thx for all help!
1-19 of 24 Results