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  1. Ear crops
    hi i just cropped my puppy diesels ears one week ago he is going to be 11 weeks this weekend, when i first got him back after his ear crop only his right ear was laying flat on his head and the other was already standing, the surgeon said that it would correct itself as the skull grows, recently...
  2. Pictures
    went out to my gmas for Mothers Day and a couple of my cousins brought their dogs.. littermates to Diesel.. had i known they would bring them i would have brought Diesel to come hang out... you'll probably wonder how Diesel was part of the litter.. lol the big boy w/ the half white face is...
  3. Pictures
    alright so i have posted a couple pics of diesel at 9 months but not any of him throught his growth. sooo i decided id go ahead and do a thread of him growing up!kinda pic heavy! This is the most recent pic at 8 months thanks for looking.any comments welcome!
1-4 of 4 Results