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  1. Raw Foods
    I was going to copy and paste the article and pictures but its too long and my window shut on me lol I also always thought Kibble WOULD digest faster but at a different rate than raw and that mixing them is pointless because the benefits of feeding JUST raw are lost if both are being fed. But...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Ok so they took away the food I was feeding dharma at the Px which is where I'm buying my dog food. So I bought her natures recipe grain free easy to digest. Is this a good dog food? I searched and didn't find anything on it. I'm on my phone so that could be it. But she seems to like it. Just...
  3. General Discussion
    Chester is a royal pain in my butt. He is 5 months old and eats everything in site and I mean everything! I rake my yard all the time and apparently I missed a rope. I woke up yesterday morning and he had a rope hanging out of his butt. I was like oh great another vet bill. I took him out...
1-3 of 3 Results