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  1. Pictures
    Here is one of my favorite pics I took of my crew of dogs last summer... Dirty Deeds the one on the right was just a pup at the time... maybe 6 months old! And Elly the dog in the middle was not quite a year old either. So I had to do a repeat of this shot to share with everyone this year...
  2. General Discussion
    Did anyone ever get the feeling that their pup waits until they are in their crate to finish poop even after they poop outside. I know it's not on purpose but its weird that she goes after she already went. I know with age things will improve but I been giving a bath everyday. On a serious note...
  3. Pictures
    AKA Brett. He is 2 years old and was bred by myself and my mentor. He is an amazing dog who never gives up and always has a smile! (see below) He championed in the AADR in November and made me VERY proud by taking two Best Males. He is 36 lbs. Pedigree: Virtualpedigree
  4. Pictures
    here are a few of Diamond and Dirty :D
  5. Pictures
    Our English Bulldog "Biggie Smalls" just took Best of Winners, Best Puppy in Breed and Best of Breed in the ring today at only 6 1/2 Months. He was the youngest bulldog in the ring but performed like a true champ when I handled him. We put in alot of work over the past 2 weeks and we are so very...
  6. Pictures
    Before During After She was wayyyy filthier than this by the time we got in the house... Little girl loves to dig.... HAHAH.
  7. Pictures
    Took this video about 2 months back or so when bear got along with the other dogs, i finally got around to posting it on youtube to share. Oh an i had bear out with cali yesterday an they played nice together :D
  8. Pictures
    Here is a little something we tried..... GrCh Dirty Money to a game dog. Let me know what you think. 5 months. Introducing Louie.
  9. Agility
    ha ha I would have a blast doesnt this look fun
  10. Pictures
    So ummmm yeah...it was hot out and I sprayed Beau down with the hose, as I was feeding him and changing out his water. And well Wet Beagle + Dirt = The magical color changing Beagle!!! roflmao Watch as he changes colors!!! He goes from Tri to Black and tan!!! "I seez a BUG!!" "Yummy Bug!!"...
  11. Pictures
    Here is a pic of Dirty watching the door like a good boy!
  12. Health & Nutrition
    Ok so for the last few weeks I have been easing dirty onto a 50/50 (raw/kibble) diet. Well this weekend I figured I would give chicken a shot since he looks to be doing great with it, well I got it all ready and he looked at me like I was nuts! He didn't even touch the chicken LOL, has anyone...
1-12 of 26 Results