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  1. General Discussion
    So my wife says since our Boy is so human friendly that he will never protect us from an aggressive intruder. This is our first APBT and no matter the human, this dog is just tooo friendly. I think however that he will come to aid of the family upon seeing an aggressive intruder. Thoughts and...
  2. General Discussion
    I'd like to discuss my thoughts on the term "pitbull", I've noticed that when I see people posting Am Bullies and they post it as a "pitbull" people tend to take objection to it claiming that it is not a pitbull it is an american bully, for the most part I understand it is for the sake of...
  3. Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio
    Attorney Fred Kray and his co-host Jo Staats will discuss canine DNA and its reliability with their guest Dr. Kristopher Irizzary, who previously explained canine geneteics. They will also talk to Miami correspondent, Denise Yeakey, who has interviewed people in Miami on their views regarding...
  4. Bloodline Discussion
    There hasn't been a thread on 'em in quite a while.. so let's throw up those Gaff-bred dogs! :) Indie's heavy Gaff top and bottom.. here's her ped: [email protected] & the Online Pedigree Database (tm) I love what Gaff dogs were, and a lot of the old Gaff blood, though Gaff Kennels is producing...
  5. General Discussion
    I posted this on a parenting forum I am on in the debates section. I wanted to see how these ladies felt about the breed. I am expecting comments that will be supportive and non supportive as well as neutral. Anything else I should add?
  6. General Discussion
    Just made a flirt pole for my pit.she loves it and its a great workout for herhttp://my pit Leah
  7. General Discussion
    that may have been covered to death before my arrival on this forum, so forgive me if it has:) Culling!!!!! The subject of responsible breeding has recently been brought up so where does this fit in? Is it playing God? Is it overabused? For what reasons is it used? At what age is this...
  8. General Discussion
    So..I see this add a lot. For some reason, I just don't like it... I mean...Why does the dog have no teeth? Is it just the camera angle? Hope that it's only used on weight pulling dogs... I dunno...I just don't like it, maybe it's just me.:confused:
  9. General Discussion
    THE PIT BULL PROBLEM - The Trentonian News: Serving Trenton and surrounding communities. (trentonian.com) Thought people might want to look at this. Little sneak peek......... PIT BULLS ARE IN THE CROSS-HAIRS OF SOCIETY, and we chose this subject to encourage your participation in the...
  10. Back to the Bullies
    Get in there guys, it's going down right now! American Bully World
  11. General Discussion
    since all my posts get deleted on other threads for "goin off topic, when somebody else says something off topic, and i follow through with what i dont agree with" i'll start my own thread on the topic of what i want to discuss. to say a bully or a amstaff has more temperment issues than a apbt...
  12. General Discussion
    Not trying to steal your thunder Shana, I just think that some time has passed since we all made some input as to what we should have a nice, friendly discussion about. Post some ideas of what you would think would be a good topic to discuss. It must be about dogs. I will make a poll once we...
  13. General Discussion
    im new to doing this and i was wanting to get to kno some ppl and learn more about the breed
  14. BSL Discussion
    Lowell, MA: Proposed BSL discussion tabled (until June 23?) Posted on June 11, 2009 by stopbslcom Online form to contact the entire city council: E-Gov Services City of Lowell The City Council meets at 6:30 PM on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month in the City Council Chambers. Next city...
  15. BSL Discussion
    Fayette, AL: City council to discuss possible BSL, April 28, 5 PM Posted on April 25, 2009 by stopbslcom Thanks to a site visitor for this alert. Fayette, Alabama city council will be considering and voting on some form of BSL. I have heard that it is either a “pit bull” ban, or BSL in the...
  16. Bloodline Discussion
    to be continued here. The former one was deleted as it got headed in the wrong direction. It could have, possibly should have been stopped earlier but I just couldnt let it go, I hate when others want to belittle members with inaccurate information. That being said, Im sorry it went down the...
  17. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I found this on accident. It's good..
  18. General Discussion
    anything goes i don't care good, bad, indifferent.... I like the show, for entertainment....I also like the book "Caesar's Way" I think it makes a lot of good points, emphasizing "Exercise, Discipline, and Affection" It also helps you tune into your dog on a spiritual, energy level....or it did...
1-18 of 23 Results