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  1. Conditioning
    Hi! I have 11/2 yr old pitbull that LOVES the water. I take him to the river every day and he loves jumping off rocks with me and does it by himself too. He's obsessed with jumping into the water. A friend of mine mentioned dock diving to me so I started researching it. It looks like SO much...
  2. Misc. Dog Activities
    Dosia and I are going to try out at Splash dogs this year so I decided to start a diary thread and update his progression. I'm very happy to say he has taken to it very well and is having a ton of fun :woof: Dosia is way prey/toy driven, not to much food driven, so it makes it easier lol We...
  3. Pictures
    We had so much fun yesterday that we decided to make it part of our routine :) We got up early again and got to the park before anyone was there :woof: After a nice light jog around the park we did some stretches and a few practice swims :) The geese decided to high tail it outta there lol...
  4. Pictures
    D is such a freak dog. He can hold his breath like no other dog I've ever seen. It's funny a year ago I could barley get him to swim and now he's diving to the bottom lol. Ryan say's heel! totally pooped Thanks for looking
  5. Misc. Dog Activities
    Does anyone have dock diving dogs. I just joined the splash dogs group. They are doing training classes next month so I have been working with Dosia to get him ready for class. Does any one have any tips pr pointers in this area?
  6. General Discussion
    Molly has been impressing me with it lately. Launching off the dock with no hesitation at all. Doing really well. I'm just wondering how I can find out if there is any competitions out this way? (Southern Louisiana) Or close to my area. Thought it would be kind of cool just to see how she...
  7. General Discussion
    This month at our state fair they have Dock Dog competitions and of course I could not pass up the opportunity to do it with my dogs. I have been waiting for something like this to come to town and I am excited we finally get a chance to play. In the desert we do not have much water but we do...
  8. Pictures
    the few shots i got on film. he actually submerged his whole body at one point (it was a first). this is just a teaser, the season has only started!!
1-8 of 9 Results