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  1. General Discussion
    I think we all can agree that the best way to say I love you is with a homemade gift. My Valentine sentiments are usually expressed to friends and family with a tray of cookies - but don't forget those furry friends love homemade cookies, too! How to Choose The Best Dog Food for Your Dog These...
  2. Do-it-Yourself
    I am moving this Thursday. My pup, Zoey, will have the back yard to herself... Aside from me constantly playing with her. I am on a budget at the moment, and so I have decided to set up the perfect dog yard for her with as many DIY projects as possible. So far I have: Repaired the privacy...
  3. Do-it-Yourself
    I have seen various diy flirt poles but most of them have long poles and look like fishing poles with dog toys dangling in the air. Does anyone know how to make one like the ones used in the following videos: at 8 seconds at 3:25 how does he get that spinning motion on the shammy...
  4. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Hey everyone come join...:D http://garage-inc.your-board.com/index.htm
  5. Do-it-Yourself
    I will start this of by saying this is not to be used while a dog is fighting unless someone has control of the other dog ( some one to pull it away as soon as the bite is released). I use this when training with toys . getting something out of my dogs mouth Frist there is something you have...
  6. General Discussion
    The puppy room was looking a little dull so i had a little experiment last weekend. Materials: Finger paint (assorted colors of your choice) 1 canvas (got mine from micheals for $20 or so) APBT (or any other breed i guess) pretty self explanitory :-)
  7. Do-it-Yourself
    This is the way I make it . This way keeps the dog from biting the spring or bungie cord. I would hate for him to clamp down and break a tooth. here is what you will need. 1= some rope 2=a spring or heavy-duty bungie 3= a bite surface( old cloth ,large rope, etc etc etc ) 4= pliers step #1...
  8. Do-it-Yourself
    I know some of you know some of this stuff , but this is for the new/old people that want to make some stuff for their dogs .I have found that this will keep a dog thinking , It also helps them to be more balanced( they will have to control there body when playing) so here is how it made . you...
  9. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I am trying to update a house on a shoestring budget, so to speak. Countertop was formerly linoleum from the 70's. :stick: So I tiled it! What do you think, does it look cheesy or can I get away w/it?
1-9 of 9 Results