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  1. Pictures
    A musical tribute Sent from my moto g stylus using Tapatalk
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Quick story... I adopted my dog back in March from a shelter. Weighing 45 lbs with most of his hair gone. Shelter said he had mange. Took him to a vet and they diagnosed him with bacterial infections. Did a skin scraping but didn't find any mange. Dog was itching like crazy and end up taking...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi fellow dog lovers, So I thought I'd share my little story here, especially after reading the article “prevent separation anxiety in dogs” from Insider. If it just helps 1 dog family out there, I'd be happy :) So I have a Pitbull that I adopted from a rescue shelter 2 years ago, and...
  4. General Discussion
    Who can suggest quality leather dog collar? I also recommend this blog https://pawsnose.com/best-rolled-leather-dog-collars
  5. General Discussion
    Hi everyone I have just discovered this forum whilst searching online for some answers with regards to registering a bully, I bought a puppy from a breeder in France I have watched both parents grow up online and they are both registered and from a good bloodline when I received my puppy she...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    Greetings! It is my first post at this forum. Actually, I am here to know the reasons behind increment in the thrust of my dog. She is a 4 years golden retriever and with me from the last 2 years. From last week, I am noticing that she is drinking too much water as compared to her daily intake...
  7. Vendor Deals
    Check out this informative article from PetGuide.com! https://www.petguide.com/tips-advice/dog/dog-rocks-rock-by-saving-your-lawn-from-pet-pee-burns/
  8. Vendor Deals
    Check out this awesome article from PetGuide.com https://www.petguide.com/tips-advice/dog/how-do-i-save-my-lawn-from-dog-pee/
  9. Bloodline Discussion
    My friend give me this dog telling me that she is a pitbull but i dont think she is a pitbull because her head size is too small for being a pitbull Sent from my Redmi 6A using Tapatalk
  10. Vendor Deals
    Check out this article on PetGuide.com - What is Healthy Dog Food? https://www.petguide.com/health/dog/what-is-healthy-dog-food/
  11. Obedience Training
    Hi everyone! So I rescued a pitbull exactly a week ago today :) Her name is Ruffles, and she's 5 years old. I volunteer regularly at a local shelter, and poor Ruffles was at our since before Christmas and ended up getting adopted twice and then returned :( So I adopted her because she just...
  12. General Discussion
    Are there any pitbull-proof dog boots? My pup is a pretty aggressive chewer, and I'm wondering if there's anything out there that she can't destroy.
  13. Health & Nutrition
    I've been reading up on homemade raw food diet for pitties and the benefits. I have been considering feeding my 14 week old red nose a raw diet, even though it appears to be alot of work and expensive, I really only want the best for my little guy. I was wondering how many of you feed your dogs...
  14. pitbull behavior
    His name is Soldier, he is a very stout intimidating dog to most everyone that doesn't know him. Come to find out he is just like every other pit I've ever had, a 100+ pound wannabe lap dog but with some caveats. My girlfriend works front desk at a local motel and she befriended a woman and her...
  15. pitbull behavior
    So on one of my Facebook groups for DIY diabetic alert dog training, I was told the other day that my red nose pup, Broly won't make a good diabetic alert dog. They said that pitties don't have as good of sense of smell as other breeds with longer snouts. They said his about was too "short"...
  16. New Member Introductions
    Hello friends Thank you for helping each other here) do you think a dog can be friends with a cat and live in the same house?
  17. General Discussion
    This will be a lot you guys. Today the 1 year old Male American Bully fought an older male Weiner dog. Both are intact. These aren’t my dogs but my aunt gave me permission to do sport and train him. After doing a 5 min flirt pole session chaos happened. While standing near a chicken coup...
  18. Pictures
    Meet my new pup Ryder. He's my second dog!
  19. General Discussion
    We want to get a 3rd puppy. I have a female( 3 years old) shes top dog , fixed, never had a litter, and a male(2 years old) he loves everyone, fixed , was fixed at 12 weeks. My question is which gender should I get? This pup will be about 8 weeks. So I'm just needing some opinions. In a way I...
1-19 of 500 Results