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  1. Pictures
    Mud dawg lol he wants to show off his bod to all the bitches, but my camera just blurs him all together Bear making his head all funny... does that mean its about to pop? :D Turbs stretching before we get to bidness he cant just stand normal and wait not waiting.. fatty...
  2. Pictures
  3. Pictures
    The boys were super happy yesterday. We started the day off with Christmas breakfast. They had ground beef and cottage cheese. Dosia waiting like a good boy diggin in Marley ate his in almost one bite Time for presents :) It's kinda hard to see but the blanket under the tree has little...
  4. Pictures
    my husband is a truckdriver & i will sometimes go w/ him on short trips. he has a yorkie x that travels w/ him. when i go i take bailey. so yeah 2 dogs in a big truck is fun lol. well, i went w/ him a couple weeks ago to south ga mid july and what do you know.. his ac went out! i felt so bad for...
  5. Pictures
    not every ten year old gets to play in a summer dress and flip flops, while teaching her pitbull to jump through a hoop LOL!! time to show off her great ignoring skills. watch for when Nytro jumps up on her, she did a great job of ignoring an unwanted behavior... and showing off some hoop...
  6. General Discussion
    okay so I have been reading around on here and I have came across a few things that are making me question what are my dogs? 2 of my dogs are from BYBs no papers but I seen the parents and they were all pitbulls. My chocolate puppy i do have papers but he dont look like the old style pitbulls...
  7. Pictures
    elmer is the brindle and champ is the other!
  8. Pictures
    Managed to snap off a few shots of the illusive "Sweet Pea" and, of course, Lugz was up for a few.....
  9. Pictures
    Lugz was more into taking pics, don't think Pea likes the flash, but at least she got in a couple.
  10. Pictures
    i'll have to post them when i get back from church. be excited everyone. lol. i took Nismo to lake today they should be some great pics, i'm picking them up from walgreens around 9. whooo :woof:
  11. Pictures
  12. The Pitbull Lounge
    What do the liitle doggies and paws mean that are located under the screen names?
  13. Pictures
    Picture Request-Sad Doggies*LAST CALL* Last Call everyone If you want your doggy in here. On a side note not all dogs where selected sorry, I picked the saddest pics :) I have to do a video piece for school and I want to do it on BSL. The local humane society won't allow me to come out and...
  14. Pictures
    hey these are two pictures of my friend Toni's bull terrier/pit mix he rescued and one of my males he is a Ambully. They were passed out today from playing so hard so I took some pics, because they were so cute! The date is off though I have to figure out how the hell to fix it(new camera) Tell...
1-14 of 14 Results