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  1. Do-it-Yourself
    About a month ago I noticed one of the little dog ears on my doggie door flap had broken off and the flap was laying out on the deck. It cost as much to buy a new flap as it did to buy the new door oh, so I bought the door kit. It was such a booger to try to put in alone. I'm a 56 year old woman...
  2. Obedience Training
    Hello! I adopted a pit 3 months ago (M, neutered, 2yo, 75lbs). He's just perfect, minus separation anxiety. It's been a challenge, but with training and patience things are moving along. He's now able to stay home for a full day alone (AM + PM walk, plus noon dogwalker). He doesn't love it but...
  3. pitbull behavior
    I have a year and 4 month old female Pit Bull that I rescued. She suffers with anxiety, especially separation, but all around is an extremely sweet and friendly girl. The only issue I've always had with her, is when unfamiliar people come to the door and inside our home. She barks and growls and...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello, everyone. I joined this forum hoping to get a few answers. I have a 7 month old Shar Pei. She's very, very sweet. She loves all people and animals, so I think I have socialized her well. My neighbor has a 3 year old pit. When I took my dog to their house to see if we could maybe socialise...
  5. Do-it-Yourself
    I have a 70lb dog should i get a 100 lb spring or 70? Looking for proper spring to dog ratio. Can tell me other weights of spring if they are better.
  6. pitbull behavior
    My pits have to bark and growl and charge thru the house when ppl come in the front door or knock on my bed room door. I don't want them to do this bcuz sometimes I have family that just comes in and they can b intimidating. Sent from my iPhone using Petguide.com Free App
  7. General Discussion
    This made me cry... of course I signed http://www.change.org/petitions/bill-magers-mayor-george-olsen-city-manager-stop-gassing-sherman-animal-shelter-pets-to-death
  8. General Discussion
    And some random old chihuahua came inside my apt. Wow...Good thing I kennel my dogs before I open my door. Such a sweet little girl. Kept her in here safe,till her owner came and got her. She slipped out of their apt, while they were trying to move a couch. This is why I kennel my dogs, so...
  9. Pictures
    I wanted to leave the door open with out him running in and out. If I keep looking you will be forced to let me in! Maybe if I just lay here and look pitiful? Cheese!
  10. General Discussion
    We've named this little girl Pokey. Despite her pathetic condition, she's as sweet as can be.
  11. General Discussion
    Unemployed Andrew Nicklin was so enraged by his neighbour's dog yapping that he recorded the din and played it back to her at 3am. But his early hours revenge on Catherine Farrell, 44, went too fur. Apart from targeting her with his CD of terrier Buster's barking, he banged on her fence and...
  12. Obedience Training
    So, We have been letting Sasha out of the crate for a while, about a month now. She has always bee crate trained and always did good in the crate. Since we moved we have been trusting her and she hasn't broke anything or been a problem with pee or poop..(Maybe 1 accident).... 1 time I left her...
  13. Pictures
    Here is a pic of Dirty watching the door like a good boy!
  14. General Discussion
    Helena barks when she hears a door bell on tv.... haha We don't even have a door bell!!! I think we may have had a door bell at our old apartment but that has been nearly 2 years since we lived there! But it never fails if someone on tv rings a door bell... she lets us know!
  15. General Discussion
    Hi fellow bully owners :) Recently(within the last week) I have had an issue with Jada darting out the door everytime it opens. She doesn't do this when I have the backdoor opened(secured yard) she only does it when I open the door to the garage or the front door. She does not do this when I...
  16. General Discussion
    Video OUTRAGED!!! I hope this makes you all as mad as it makes me!
  17. General Discussion
    well so sad i cant find my camera my bro toled me if i found my memory card (in my camera) he could show me a trick where i can just slide it in a slot in my laptop and upload picks that way...well they have a very tiny rednose female and i just saw their american bully he is tall for an...
1-17 of 22 Results