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  1. Pictures
    10/31/13 my little doggy turned 5 years old. I can't believe its been 5 years already. Time sure does fly when your having fun :) I took him to his favorite running spot to chase squirrels and snap some pics :) We found a pretty sunflower on the way home :) Playing with his...
  2. Pictures
    So Lauren came up for her Birthday over the weekend. Krystal came down as well. We went for some walks and took the dogs to the water! Nicki Nicki and Dosia Banshee Dosia and Serena Dosia, Serena and Banshee Serena Dosia and Banshee Dosia Nicki Odin...
  3. General Discussion
    My aunt Tina has always had a huge fear of dogs. When she was young she was attacked by 2 labs and was hurt very badly. She has done her best to avoid all dogs ever since. My family does a camping trip up in Trinity every year and since Ryan has been working so much we decided to just go up for...
  4. Pictures
    P.P. loves Dosia so much. :) He's been cuddling up to him at night when we watch movies :) :rofl: P. wants to be a dog so bad lol.
  5. General Discussion
    My baby boy turned 3 years old today :) He got some raw ribs for breakfast and then we finished up his Halloween costume :) we're waiting for Ryan to get home from work and then he'll get more treats and go out with the kids to get candy :) Hope you all have a safe happy Halloween :)
  6. General Discussion
    I can't believe how time flies. I remember the day Ryan brought him home. He was so small ans scared. First thing he did was run across the living room and jump into my lap. We have been inseparable ever since. baby Dosia at the kennel with his litter his first bath :) his first pool, about...
  7. General Discussion
    So we had the dog sports expo today. It was so much fun. Dosia was such a good boy and was on his very best behavior :) He was the only APBT out there today. We had a few American Bullies, but not as well behaved as D ;) When we went to stand in line and wait for our turn to jump I put D in a...
  8. Pictures
    Here's a few of D today rockin his new collar, thanks Trevor blue is def. his color ;) And one of Tiva and Earl out at my Dad's this weekend. Those two got along so well. :) Queen Tiva and the Duke of Earl :) Thanks for looking
  9. General Discussion
    The loss of Marley has affected all of us even Dosia. I thought for sure Dosia didn't understand and would be fine but he has become depressed. Marley was buried out in the garden, and I put flowers out for him every morning I also have his favorite stuffed animal out there right next to his...
  10. Pictures
    We went down to the pet store and he had the choice between the kong wubba, the tough gear dive bomber duck, and the dogzilla water fetcher. He chose the Tough Gear Dive Bomber Duck Decoy :woof: I think he like it best cause it has a tug rope tail, and a squeaker. Anything that squeaks drives...
  11. Misc. Dog Activities
    Dosia and I are going to try out at Splash dogs this year so I decided to start a diary thread and update his progression. I'm very happy to say he has taken to it very well and is having a ton of fun :woof: Dosia is way prey/toy driven, not to much food driven, so it makes it easier lol We...
  12. Pictures
    Since we've decided to keep Pierre we thought we'd introduce him to Dosia, so he doesn't eat him lol. He was a bit curious but he was a very very good boy :) I think they'll end up being friends in the future when Pierre isn't snack size ;) :woof: :woof: :woof:
  13. General Discussion
    So yesterday I was cleaning out my closet. I have a closet behind my front door for jackets that my son had stuffed a bunch of :poop: in. I grabbed my skate board to take it out and there was an alligator lizard under it. It was hissing and snapping at my toes. I then screamed like a little girl...
  14. Pictures
    Here's a few of D workin the tire. Sorry for the quality, I broke my camera and all I have is the phone :( GO DOG GO!!! and a little Marley time Dosia was super jealous and kept barking at me with his ball in his mouth lol Such a dork lol Thanks for looking
  15. Pictures
    We finally have more god weather again after a few days of rain, so my sister and I took D to run at the river park :) My pretty boy, he's gotten so big Thanks for looking
  16. Pictures
    Our friends brought over this sweet little girl :) Her name is Lilly. Dosia really liked her and they had fun being silly dogs while she was over lol. She was being shy at first lol Thanks for looking
  17. Pictures
    D is such a freak dog. He can hold his breath like no other dog I've ever seen. It's funny a year ago I could barley get him to swim and now he's diving to the bottom lol. Ryan say's heel! totally pooped Thanks for looking
  18. Pictures
    It was beautiful last night so we went out for a walk to take some pics :) The sunset was beautiful The tree growing out of the wall Creepy tunnel Thanks for looking
1-18 of 51 Results