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    So I got up this morning to go let the boys out and Dosia was nowhere to be found. I called his name and nothing. I checked all the doors to make sure they weren't open, all locked. So I when out back with Marley and we couldn't find him any where. At this point I was almost in tears. My baby...
  2. Pictures
    Here's one of Dosia catchin the frisbee he looks to funny with his big ol mouth lol.
  3. Pictures
    Here's some pics of Dosia gettin down on the spring pole. Look at those ears lmao Thanks for looking
  4. Pictures
    Here's a few pics of my Dorky boy eating some candy bubbles :D Thanks for looking :D
  5. Pictures
    A giant stick. He looked so happy to see this tree trunk on the beach. He also thought he was going to move it lol he's such a goofy boy. Hope you enjoy. :)
  6. Pictures
    Nothing says Christmas like a big red bow. Merry Christmas every one.
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    Gettin big
  8. General Discussion
    So one of my first posts was about lifting the leg. I wasn't sure if he was ever going to. Well he did it this morning. My little man is growing up. It wasn't a full lift he was still kinda squated but he did it. My little Dosia is turning in to a big boy now. It's kinda sad like watching your...
  9. Pictures
    We had another nice sunny day so we went out and took some pics. Here's some from the park down the street. At home on the spring pole
  10. Pictures
    I still can't figure out what color Dosia is. He's truly the most unique dog I've come across. His dad was blue and his mom was black. There was one other pup in the litter that was colored like him. A couple turned a beautiful chocolate, blue and black. Some times he looks blue some times he...
  11. Pictures
    I don't know if your dogs do this but Dosia loves to break trees. He'll jump high to get branches.
41-51 of 51 Results