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  1. Pictures
    6 months ago I posted here about my fearful rescue pup. Just wanted to update that he is doing SOO much better we’re learning to sit in the presence of strangers that scare him and soaking up the attention from the few people he has warmed up to!!
  2. Pictures
    I apologize for the crappy cell pics. You all know how puppys are This is the first time I introduced my pup to the critters, all the smells strange were coming from. Started with the little pigs, Dozer wanted them to play so bad. I believe he thought this was his dad, almost the same...
  3. Pictures
    It's been a really long time since iv'e been able to log on and see how everyone is doing and whats new. So i decided to finally get on here and post some new pics of Dozer and just some randoms of where we were. I was able to get some recent pics, cell phone, of Dozer this past weekend when we...
  4. Pictures
    Here are a couple of pics of Dozer Rockin his new outfit, he loves it! We got him an XL but it is still a little tight, kinda fits the whole Hulk theme though lol!
  5. Pictures
    Dozer graduated from his intermediate training class last night at Petsmart. Here are a few pics of him. Next is his K-9 good citizen test :woof:
  6. Pictures
    I havent posted in a long time so i thought id share this pic of Dozer, Currently he is 1yr 7mo. He is growing each month and turning out really nice!
  7. Pictures
    Here are just a few first pics of Dozer in his new Harness, he loves it! He got mad when i took it off of him after our run today lol Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics, i will get some better ones in daylight on my camera and post them.
  8. Pictures
    Here are just a few pics of Dozer over at Tonto Creek. He loves the water, there were a few deep spots that he would swim in and chase sticks lol
  9. Pictures
    Here are just a few random pics of Dozer and his little, older sister Poptart cooling off in the pool.
  10. Bullies 101
    RE Dozer x RE Daisy seems to be a big favorite in the bullie world from what a breeder told me, do any members have any offsprings from this breeding, if so please post pic I would love to see.
  11. Pictures
    Here are just a few new pics i took of my boy Dozer last night. They are just him in the kitchen, nothing fancy lol He is 15mo right now.
  12. Pictures
    Here are a couple pics of Dozer's parents, just curious to hear what you guys think of them. Here's his mom. Heres Dad And Here's Dozer, he's only 14mo. and growing day by day. This pic is a couple months old now.
  13. Pictures
    Hes about 12 weeks here.
  14. Pictures
    Still not sure if he is a pit or a boxer (or both?) Vet said he was a pit. But i think its still to early to tell. Either way i love the little pain in the butt. let me know what you think!
  15. Pictures
    I love you pinhead.. im not sure what they wererlooking at dozer horny too soon lol
  16. Pictures
    the other dog walked up and he was like don't even think about it!! Dozer asleep in my moms lap. ok thats eanough for a while
  17. Pictures
    and one that shows his dog agression lol
  18. Pictures
    For all the people that have been waiting.
  19. Bloodline Discussion
    hi! I own a 4 month old male pitbull, i just want to ask if you know anything about dozer line-musclehead.i just wanted to know more about this bloodline because the sire of my pit has the same bloodline.the owner of the sire told me that it came all the way from chicago.thanks for the info in...
1-20 of 21 Results