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    Most of you who know me (outside of the forum that is) know that aside of APBT's that reptiles are a passion of mine, especially bearded dragons. So here is my boys, I just rescued my 2nd boy yesterday from a crappy situation. First, Torch--He came from a breeder all the way in Alabama called...
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    Here's some more pics of me and my crew saying Merry Christmas :) Here's Santa kitty, she so hates me for these pics :) Lovins from the Rein-Bulls :) Me and my Rein-Bulls One for fun :) and Santa's little helpers, the Christmas Dragons :) Thanks for looking and MERRY...
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    Marley loves watching the Dragons. He will sit in front of the tank all day if I let him. Today we were feeding them their mice and Aryan came to watch too. These two were cracking me up :) Mrs Burgundy trying to be oh so sneaky lol Thanks for looking :)
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    My bearded dragons have been so brutal durring feeding time this last week. All they want is heads. I don't know why but they haven't been finishing anything. I wonder if it's like a vitamins thing. They get lettuce and fruits, and we also have a calsium spray for them. I don't know mabye they...
1-4 of 4 Results