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  1. Pictures
    So I havent updated anything on here in a while...here are new pics of the crew...Drake has decided he would not put on any winter weight this year lol...i think at 3 yrs he has finally hit the Boxer metabolism lol. anywho here they are... Magnus is up first...boy this dog makes us laugh on a...
  2. Pictures
    It's been a little while so here are some fresh new pics of my two. They are working off the winter weight but not quite where i want them yet. Here they are modeling a collar I won from Studz...i won it for free! they said it would sell for $200 on their website..The dogs look great in it...it...
  3. Pictures
    Heres my two brats from today. I decided while they were on their tie outs I would take some pics.... My pretty girl Alexa posing did you say food mom!? they are finally getting in shape for the winter...yes my two are weird and turn into fit beasts in the winter awww pitiful now for my...
  4. Pictures
    Ok so it went through about 2 months of every day being 100+ degrees so both my mutts were getting plump and lazy...so now its cooled down a bit and time to whip them back into shape lol.....today is day 3 of the exercise routine...i will be updating this every so often so i can keep track of...
  5. Pictures
    My two couldnt be more different but im proud of each in a different way. My girl Alexa has the energy and drive thats just amazing to me...never owned a dog thats more willing to please. My male Drake is a big goof but he always surprises me with how gentle he is with kids...he goes from a big...
  6. Pictures
    my babies are doing ok...they are outdoor dogs until i find a new home....but take them out to play and exercise everyday Alexa with my makeshift springpole lol..... and a goofy pic
  7. Pictures
    Alexa posing pretty Surprise! Aww my Alexa and Drake but mommy arent I the cutest? No i am! arent we pretty posers? And they're off! pounce! pretty leggy boy BIRD!!!
  8. Pictures
    So we lost our little dog Ralph (the schipperke) he got hit by a car and killed...running down the street after a dog in heat..sigh. Anyway we went to the pound and i found my Drakey..hes about a year old..he was trained in German as a police dog but the other canine was severely DA so they...
1-8 of 8 Results