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  1. Pictures
    Found some pictures on Google and decided to see if I could still draw.. I haven't drawn since my dad passed away, so I'm kind of rusty :\ here: American Eagle: (not finished yet..) 081112-1437 by ProudPitBullMama, on Flickr & Female APBT: 071112-1432 by ProudPitBullMama, on Flickr & Male...
  2. Pictures
    I'm offering a few free drawings of GP member's dogs. I have been drawing for years, and I have just recently taken it up again. Here's an example of my work, though it's not finished as far as a background goes.. here ya go: Just post some good, clear pics of your pup, and I'll choose one...
  3. Pictures
    i LOOOVVEE to draw!! here are a few of pits i made. what do you all think?
1-3 of 3 Results