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  1. Pictures
    playing in the water hose This is the day Dre split his dew claw.. you can see it wrapped up My buddy Juan's new female boxer pup.. Raja
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Well, last nite when I let the dogs in I realized Dre's eye was bothering him... figured he got something in it.. so I ran to the store and bought a sterile eye flush.. figured I'd let him sleep it off and hopefully it'd surface.. well, this morning his eye was kinda goopy like it was...
  3. Pictures
    cleanin up the backyard and finished off by blowing off the patio.. and Dre doesnt like it.. lol.. decided to snap a few pics
  4. Pictures
    So I went down to SOCAL to meet and bring home Scorch. Well I was very happy with him, he is not quite the size you would expect from his pictures... Still a big solid guy though lol. He is very well mannered and went with me like he had known me forever. I had been up for 38 hours ( and drove...
  5. Pictures
    3 yrs old today... yee haw!!!
  6. Pictures
    i got this for Daisy for her birthday.. but Dre has claimed it as his.. lol .. time to buy Daisy a bite toy for her springpole its not the bouncy one, its the 10" hard plastic one.. has a plug to put stuff in it, so i put marbles so it would rattle
  7. Health & Nutrition
    could it be a hot spot? well, i noticed Dre licking his paw more than normal this morning.. then when i looked at it i noticed some hair missing on one of his toes.. anyone got any ideas? i'm afraid he's gonna lick his paw raw
  8. General Discussion
    he turned the big 2 today.. getting so old.. :D .. no pics this time.. i've been busy all day and its too hot outside to play w/ them
  9. Pictures
    this is a couple different days of pics here.. the water hose ones are from today
  10. Pictures
    well, didnt find it.. my cousin (the one i got him from) sent it to me.... such a cutie he was FROM THIS (middle one) TO THIS
1-10 of 13 Results