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  1. Pictures
    Okay, so i know i told you guys that i was going on a Colby dog drawing streak but i just couldn't help myself lol. I drew CH 'PR' Caragan's Steel Xia (C-ya) Look-N call name Justice! k, i'm going back onto the Colby dog drawing streak lol. But What do you guys think?
  2. Pictures
    Okay, for the next few dog's i'll be drawing quite a few Colby's. So this is my last dog i've drawn before i start my Colby streak! Southern Kennels GR CH Mayday ROM! All of my drawn dogs are up for sale and can be repeatedly drawn without a problem Next dogs in line: Colby's Galtie "The...
  3. Pictures
    Hello everyone! I drew Garner's Hickson (Rickson)!! :) I also drew Garner's CH Dynomite! I drew these two yesterday. Aren't they cool? Since i had no more use for them after i drew them i put them up 4 sale! the Dynomite drawing has already found a new home! Someone...
  4. Pictures
    See? He is in an order i am mailing to Spain! My first out of American order!! :D He is a lifelike picture. The person ordering this wants a colored version too so i'll post that up when i get the time :) I am gonna create a page on my website where i'll post the game dogs i'm drawing Want...
  5. General Discussion
    did any one watch the last nite the said 55% of people believe that APBT should not be aloud as pets i think those are bull:poop: numbers with the large pop of pitbull owners how could that be possible
1-5 of 6 Results