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    hello i am new to this forum. I have a 5 month old brindle pit named Hugo. He is a very loving pup he loves adventures like dog parks, swimming, hikes, etc. Is he more of apbt or more on the side of amstaff/ staff terrier? Cause his block head
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    If I knew there was no way of getting bit or eaten I would so do this.But I don't think I'm that trusting of a croc to not one day bite my head off.But hey kudos to him for having big enough balls to do this.Or maybe for just being this crazy!
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    Okay, so after OB class today I was approached by this guy all smiles walking toward Bella and I. It was all good...he was loving on her and gave her treats. So we get to talking and he was like how old is she? and I said 7 months. How much does she weigh? I said 44 lbs. And then he was like she...
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    i got him last night, he is 7 weeks, when he was born he was dead but it took the docter 5 minutes to get him back here are some names i like Dude Little dude mr mr max mr willie and willie i had to through one in of max:(
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    I am wondering what our male female ratio is here. It seems we have ALOT of girls vs guys but I wanna kinda see a count lol..
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    What do ya think?
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    So some guy hit me up on myspace asking me how Chopper is doing. I told him that hes good and that hes the devil. That if i look at chopper wrong he will bark at me and that if my toes are hanging off the edge of the bed he will start nipping at them. So he responds saying. " thats why i go for...
1-8 of 15 Results