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  1. Pictures
    Ecko and Scottie the Body sleeping on the couch. Boo aka Boocifur being cute for two seconds before going back to being the devil. Boo only loves one creature in the house. Me. Mr. The Body sporting what is most likely a shoe string of slobber. He thinks he's a dog. And then there's...
  2. Pictures
    These dogs are crazy, they've kept me busy and braving the cold over the winter. So here's a huge photo dump. :p
  3. Pictures
    Just thought I'd post some pics of the black dogs :) finally settled on a name for the new addition - Ori, which means "my light." Tandie and Ori are several months apart in age. I wasn't planning on a new addition at all but it kind of happened anyway. Oh well! Tandie is 8 months old now and...
  4. Pictures
    Cuz I felt like it Helping me study for my marketing class This girl is grown! Daaang dogs
  5. Pictures
    Figured its been a little bit since I gave you all a dump of pictures! Haha! Pyra is now 13 months and Lucius is 11 months -- enjoying the winter as best we can! I love hand walking with a 30ft leash He always finds some random stick to rip up :p Where's Lucius?? Lol Our most...
  6. Pictures
    Okay, I promised last weekend when I posted pictures of Ices that I would get pictures of Roller the following day. Well, I got the pictures, and never got around to posting them up lol. So, here ya go! Action shot of my B&T boy Resting after a roll in the mud he found! He looks like a pup...
  7. Pictures
    So, the older kids and I took Ices up to the school to the playground to run around for a bit, and I snapped a few shots. Trinity, Ices and Robert on the slide Happy dog! More Happy Dog Side Profile moving shot Had to go to the grocery store, and by the time we got back the temperature...
  8. Pictures
    Like you all need to see more pictures of my crew as I post tons as is already... But thought I would dump these so that next time there are not TONS :roll: They love to go outside and exercise. They could care less that it is 30 degrees out and my hands are frozen. :rain: Pyra getting her...
  9. Pictures
    Well we had a show this past weekend and the pups did great! It's always fun meeting up with the dog peeps! Never a dull moment, that is for sure ;) talked to a new friend about starting weight pull so I'm getting excited! anyway, Pyra is now 8 months and 37 lbs. I posted some pictures of her a...
  10. Pictures
    She will soon be 8 months old and she is coming along nicely! She is a real drivey pup and thought I would share a couple videos of her and share some picutres I took yesterday. We just do our daily walks, and she loves to play with the flirt pole and hang from the spring pole. Lucius is 5.5...
  11. Pictures
    Kirby is now 11 months old and becoming more and more handsome every day. The foster kid, he should be leaving Thursday. Happy yet sad to let him go Kahne: Cheeks: And our trip to the Cape a few weeks ago. Thanks for looking!
  12. Pictures
    New here and shared a few photos already of my guys but figured I would share some more of my right hand man Kahne. I love all my dogs but Kahne is my special boy. Enjoy!
  13. Pictures
    Here's a few pics of my mutt Penny. She is 8 months olds. First day at home. Dead tired after playing with our family's Schnauzer. This is how she sleeps. "Is that mommy at our door?" Road tripping. "Please, no more pics!"
  14. Pictures
    like the title says, photo dump time. image heavy obviously. all kinds of random photos of Odin over the last month or so. enjoy :D he loves the hose more than any other dog i have ever met. "rawr! im gunna get u water!" Airborne! "oh! u got me!" "when is dad coming home?" "why did u tell...
  15. Pictures
    Alright well here is Precious...my moms chihuahua...she is the most spoiled, unmannered dog ever...she goes all evil dog on Drake and alexa...attacks their face lmao And now back to my crew...hopefully I will have a family pic of all 3 dogs plus myself and the other half after this weekend...
  16. Pictures
    Okay... there are no dogs here, but I'm trying my hand at doing some Portraiture.. lemme know what y'all think, please. Trinity in all her tom-boyish glory! Trinity laid down in the grass, and I grabbed the opportunity here. Please excuse her "mocas" lol Aiyana looking cute on a rock in...
  17. Pictures
    Okay, we went to yet another park today and had a great time. This time, we went to Panther Creek State Park, which is probably about the half way point between Jessie's house and mine, taking the long way, lol. This first shot was taken at the bus station around the corner from my house...
  18. Pictures
    haha i got you! Now its time to relax...... ahhhhhh Thanks for checking out my babies! :)
  19. Pictures
    Alexa and her cousin Yoda lol only related by human family :P And alexa and drake (and me)
  20. Pictures
    So.. you all havent seen much of my mama dog ever so today I wanted to share her. She is going on 9 years old now,, she's been my running mate for a long time! I got her as a 3 day old pup, due to a hurricane I got her earlier than expected.. Bottle fed and wiped her into great pup! She has...
1-20 of 57 Results