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    Hi all. Wondering if anyone can suggest a good durable ball, or other chew toys. My dog loves to play fetch, but destroys every thing she gets. She even tears through the Kong extreme balls. I only give it to her when we play ball, but she still kills them. I get about a week out of the Kong...
  2. General Discussion
    All three boys are in need of new collars. I know you guys have got to know just the thing. Not looking to spend $50 on leather, just something comfortable, durable, and decent looking. Vegas is going to need something can can grow with him. Any recommendations?
  3. General Discussion
    Anyone have any good companies that make durable stuff animals. Mydogtoy Inc. Has some great ones, my dogs LOVE the box stuff toy and only have made puncture wounds nothing more. Just wondering if you guys know anyother stuff dog toys that are durable, escpecially if they are rabbits or...
1-3 of 3 Results